You Gave Me A Place

Just a short while ago I thought my life was over!
I felt I had no one who understood what I was going through. So much anguish/worry.
In ten years I had no support for my unstable D2/T2diabetes! Never heard of an Endo, or any specialist of any kind!
Due to Necrosis the hospital here in Spain were talking about either pinning my left ankle rigid or removing my foot! Having been action man all my life, and with 66 years under my belt, and having had 2 heart attacks I was seriously contemplating my future! I found this site through desperation and within hours people where connecting with ,me.
At first I did not have a clue what they were talking about, but we soon got through that. Now folk from this site actually initiate contacts to ask how I am! I now understand the relationship I needed between myself and my meter. My diet is progressing. I'm feeling positive and have today insisted my local doctor refers me to a specials for the problems I have with my feet/legs, eye's and diet! Spain can be very 3rd world inland. However this site has given me the knowledge and encouragement so I can stand up for myself medically. Everyone who has written here has helped me, so thank you. I'm getting my life back.

It's mutual muleman - love having you here, and the support you offer!

Ok I'll say it......."Your welcome" but like jrtpup here the feeling is mutual. I felt so lost til I found this site it's been a Godsend for me too here and I'm sure I'm not the only one in this family. I look on it as a family b/c it has helped me out in soooo many ways. Here u can say what u need to say to get everything off ur chest and ppl don't judge u. That's better than what my family done for me for MANY years. Here ppl get where ur coming from and in my own family after an exerperating rollercoster of highs & lows they would look at me & say "It'll get better" Flustrated the crap out of me to hear that.

Muleman I can't tell you how happy it makes me to read this! I'm actually kind of crying, right here at my desk. Indeed, your initial messages to us were full of desperation and I am SO GLAD that this community has helped you move through that and onto what hopefully will be a whole new chapter in your health. ¬°¬°Sigue luchando, amigo!!

Muleman, folks like you are what make this community so awesome. So no thanks needed! You are the one who needs thanks! Thank you for growing this community and for giving others the opportunity to connect with you and offer support. It is great to read that you feel empowered to stand up for yourself medically-speaking. Very cool indeed!

Well I'm playing George Jones and thinking how much I love Americans!
So glad your my friends. God Bless.

Thank you Muleman, and we're glad you're here. If put out marketing/promotional material, you're post should be right there on the front page! From what you've written elsewhere on the site, it sounds like you've had quite an exciting life! Keep sharing, whether D-related or not. The first letter in the abbreviation PWD stands for "People", and we all enjoy a good discussion on any topic.

It is incredibly encouraging to read your testimonial. Thank you for joining. Thank you for asking and thank you for sharing!

BIG HUG! Un abrazo!

As Manny, I found so encouraging your testimonial and confirm that we are not alone with our situation. Even that, must be a challenge to a better way of life, a better health status, etc. Be positive man, you get a lot to discover!!!

So glad you are feeling better about yourself and your D. That is what we are here for- helping each
other with info and support to live each day.

I say the same thing all the time: I would have been lost without these guys when my son was Dx'd with T1. Three years down the road, I *still* would be lost w/out them. I am so glad you found TuD.

Even though its my son that has diabetes type one now after Dka in September I can truely say I also see how this site has been like a breath of fresh air. When days are tough this is were we turn . To our friends thats become like family and totally understand the complications and struggles we each go through. I used to think this was a site for only people who have diabetes but found through friends here that family members are welcomed. I find incouragment here to and it makes the tough days a little easier. I wish we all had a annual reuion to see each other that would be even greater. Bless you Muleman

You couldb;t be in a better place. I came here in such denial. No I could not have this disease along with everything else. My A1C was 9.5. I was put6 right on insulin 4 times a day. I found this site and I am proud to say they saved my life. I got serious. I got involved. I learned. I got my A1C down to 5.9. I have 20 years on you....I am 84. Life is Good. Reed

Muleman - thanks for posting this. You say so well why this site is so important to so many of us. There is an amazing community of support and knowledge here.

Well looks like I am in the same situation you were, and also need supports as o endo can give the right medical advice at all.
I am in Mixtard 30 and I am trying hard to understand how to deal with it, read a lot, bought Dr, Bernestien book, just lost my job also (do not know why) and I really I am in a guilt day with every meal trying to adjust it and calculate carb and take equivalent ins. and try to hold my self to exercise but end up exercise only two days a week, I really need an advice how to organize it all and how to have the stamina to hold a steady pattern of meals that help me to adjust my DB

Bellia I have No Idea what Mixtard 30 is?
Every day is a struggle. I identify with each of your points at issue! Look Bellia, I am a coward and have no will power when it comes to putting the wrong stuff in my mouth. I also live in a country where shops that could help are either non existent or many many miles away! I have taken the advice I got here on this site. I take my BSugar count before I eat anything. That strengthens my knowledge. I can be confident of the amount and type of food I can eat!My treat is One to Two Digestive biscuits once a day, and only if between meals (11am % 7pm) I can get down to around 96. So far I have only managed 2 Biscuits in 3 weeks, but I don't actually NEED them now! I do get some horrible times every day! nausea, eye muscle weakness. Blurry vision, and occasional balance issues! Not much but enough! My stomach feels hungry 70% of the day! But now this group educated me recently, I let my meter guide me. I take rest when I need to and climb on my exercise bike even when I hate to! The snow on our maintains just makes me peddle faster! sadly I cannot walk far, but the bike helps and I see cals and BS drop after 20 mins, and I compete against myself, and my crazy pointer who wants to catch my feet! I started with 50 full peddle and in a month I'm up to 300. Thats a whole Kilometer!(down hill)haha!
You'll find that people here know inside out what your feeling. It helps if your a cup half full person and Not a cup half empty soul. One more thing. Don't be in guilt! that will kill your spirit and destroy your ability to fight your disease! I eat a whole killo (2pounds) of boiled sweets once on a long journey to a meeting! Had to drive myself into triage. Only to be told I had concussed myself crunching all those sweets! How stupid is that? No wonder my body decided to give me T2 ! Life is just that and we all have stuff we would rather we had not done. GUILT? Put it down Bellie, it's to heavy to carry what ever it contains!
So divide your day up into 2,4,6,6,10 hours and test before and a while after your breakfast. try and cut out snake times all together, but if you cannot, use your meter before putting anything in your mouth and eat smaller portions. Get your self a wifi or join a dance group locally or start one! take your walk and don't mope around. And if you think I have not covered everything many here will. So just hang in here! these are good people! Your Home!

Sorry I made one or 2 funny typo's in that last comment! By the way I purposely didn't comment on the Endo thing. I never meet one!

muleman, you are a truly amazing and wise person. I always smile when I see you've posted because I know I'll learn something from you and enjoy what you say as well. I'm in awe at how far you've come in so little time. So glad you found us!

How is your wife doing with adjusting what she cooks? Have you tried the aubergine' lasagna' yet?

Thanks jrt I have taken everything seriously. The lesagna, not yet! We are back with the girls at the family home and return to Granada Wednesday. We are gonna try the Aubergine route when we can find some big ones! Fortunately our winter is short. I hope to grow some big ones later. We do get two growing seasons here! Tnx. Albert

Judith, I am warmed by your comments to. I recommended this site to a Lady in church, who lives with 4 BS reading a year!! I'm sure she is gonna turn up here. This morning she reminded me she was going to register! Blessings.