It hit me like a bag of bricks!

So now that Im a college graduate, I had to get on my own health insurance through my work (or else my dad would be paying thousands!) well I went to go get my insulin refilled for the first time using my own insurance and the price is rediculous! Ok, I am on a pump…my insurance covers alllllllllllllllllllllll of the pump supplies, no charge to me at all, but 4 vials of novolog and it went from $10 to $62 a month!!! How can that be? my pump supplies are more expensive than insulin! I called the insurance agency and they said novolin is only $27 a month, but I dont know what type of insulin that is! humalog is only $1 cheaper than the novolog.

im going to have to get a second job to pay for everything!

Novolin is regular insulin, lasts longer than Novolog, kicks in more slowly. You need to take it 40 minutes or so before eating.

Hi Sarah,
You must have some pretty good insurance. One vial of Humalog costs me $39. I use almost two per month. They told me if iused more it would be cheaper. What???

Does Wal-Mart sale any version of Humalog or Lantus? And do you need a prescription to purchase?

Thank you very much Cathy

Hopefully, there will be a change in the leadership in this country and help will be available for the under-insured, those who have no insurance at all and yes, even for co-pays for those with good insurance. My sister’s co-pays for my niece’s supplies run $200. Actually, since she gets supplies from two different places probably more. Pennsylvania will pick up the cost of copays for those with chronic illnesses, regardless of your salary. I have heard that Michigan helps college students, and Massachusetts has a lot of help for adults. We need to take it nationwide!


Ask your doc, but I don’t think we can use Novolin in our pump. I think it has something to do with it not having an ingredient added to the insulin to make it more stable for the pump. From what I’ve learned from my doc, my only options for my pump are Novolog or Humalog…both are crazy expensive and in fact I believe they’re discontinuing Humalog. I thought I had pretty good insurance coverage until I had to pay $75 for 2 vials of Novolog. Geeeezzz, I’m just gonna bend over right now so the pharmy co’s can shove it up my booty.

I wonder if your insurance will allow you to get a three month supply. I get my insulin three months at a time from a online pharm site. Something like that might make it cheaper, but you have to see what your insurance allows.

My one vial of Novolog or Levemir is $50 on my insurance.

Welcome to the reason why so many people are clamoring for health reform. As long as you had the kind of insurance only very fortunate people with excellent corporate and institutional jobs get, you didn’t understand what the health insurance crisis is about. Now you are starting to learn.

So sorry to hear about your situation. The cost of diabetes supplies also hit me like a bag of bricks, followed by a wrecking ball…then a anvil just to make sure.

I wish Kirkland would make cheap generic insulin that you could buy at Cosco like a 24-pack for $20. Wouldn’t that be nice…well I can dream.

I guess why it hit me so hard is because even with my full time job, i was barely able to afford everything as it was, you know…groceries, gas to get back and forth to work, etc…and even though i graduated college, i have not seen any better job opportunites compared to what i saw before college. i guess i was just being pissy that im still being paid the same amount but my cost of living has increased a million percent

you can ask your doctor to write a bigger prescription than you need…i had one guy do that for me once…so i got 4 bottles per month instead of 2…which lasted twice as long. sort of cheating…but if you cant afford it…it may be the only way to get the therapy you need.

wow! what is your insurance company? i wish i have that, i mean the pump supplies and the pump did not cost anything out of your own pocket? well, im on apidra and with my insurance i get 3 vials for just 50 bucks… so im cool with that, but the pump supplies i think is what is killin’ me…well, for now i only pay 20 percent of the whatever the total amount since i have met my thousand dollars deductible… and my pump, insurance paid 80 percent of the amount too…

I know what you mean. When I first graduated from college fours years ago I would call my mom hyperventalating over the costs of medication. And the cost of everything, really. She would always stop me right in my tracks and spell out a budget for me. Maybe if you write down how much you pay in rent, in gas, car insurance, groceries, fun/misc. and compare it to what you make you might be able to find a budget for medication? It’s really hard when you first graduate because you don’t often get that awesome salary right off the bat! :slight_smile: I used to only shop for groceries at Wal-Mart and bargain hunt; made do with store brands when I needed to,and watch the sale ads for specials. I would buy clothes from Target or Old Navy. I would limit myself to only eating out once or twice a month and instead of going out with friends I would invite them over for dinner and drinks, etc. I know it sounds like this has nothing to do with the high price of medication…but it does. :slight_smile: Heh. Setting up a budget helps make those stupid high prices a little more manageable. And after a while - and raises and promotions! - they won’t be so bad.

And double check with the cost of things with your insurance company. It’s weird that it would go up so much so quickly. I’m with United HealthCare and they’re really good about letting me know about price increases and alternatives to expensive brands.

Yes, the cost of insurance, medicine, and supplies is very expensive. I am self employed and work typically 60-80 hours a week and have for 25 years to provide the level of living and healthcare that is required for myself and my family. I cut where I have to and spend where I have to. I invest and work very hard. I started my business when I was 19 and am now 45.
The great thing is that we live in a country where you can buy all of the supplies and equipment you want …as I always tell my kids, you can buy anything you want…all it takes is money.
I try to focus on the income side so that I can do what it takes to keep everything working financially in my life. You may have to get a second job…it’s not so bad…I basically have.
Trust me the cost of healthcare is almost nothing compared to what the government takes from me every year in taxes!!!

Keep going…Peace, Bob