Hey CGM users what is you latest advice on CGM adhesion products?

I just got my CGM Friday, I am having a lot of trouble witht the covering. Using the IV3000 sent with the CGM. So far, put it on at training, had to replace once there. Later that day I had to add some first aid tape to keep it down. Replaced it twice today. Tried using the IV prep to make it stick better. (they told me not to use near insertion point) that did not seem to help. I read an old thread with lots of opinions about covers. The tape leaves a nasty residue, but I can get that off with makeup remover, but yuck.

what is your latest greatest advice for what product to use. Also any advise about best place to wear the sensor, seems to bother me more than the insertion site, maybe just cuz it's new, but itches a bit and I just seem to "feel" it there.


It will last me a year and I use it for sensors and Sure-T infusion sites.

Thanks, Ron, looks like a great idea


This stuff is the standby. I’ve been able to keep sites stuck to the skin for up to 10 days without issues.

I use this Opsite flexifix also with my Navigator. I place a patch bigger than the transmitter down first then shoot the inserter probe right through it. Then I tape narrow strips of Opsite around the edges to hold the Navigators tape to the Opsite I laid down first. After a few weeks the edges start to come loose and I trim off the loose edges and re-apply new narrow strips.

I also place a 3/4" strip of Nexcare “absolutely waterproof” tape across the gap between the transmitter and the base plate. This keeps water from getting down by the prob and loosening that base layer. Keeping water out is the biggest issue both for adhesion but also infection/irritation issues. I did have to give up swimming and hot tubs though, which I miss. Showering is not a problem if I get it dried off quickly after.

This method works for me and I can use the same sensor for multiple weeks without a change.

I’m new to all this - but I was advised to use a product called Mastisol. It’s a bit expensive, and today is the first day I’ve used it, but so far, I’m impressed with it. I cut an IV cover into strips to ensure good adhesion still as well as to help waterproof things. I’d be interested to hear what others have to say about Mastisol…

Tape residue… UNISOLVE or Remove… Also can make removing IV3000/Tegaderm/etc easier to remove without peeling your skin…
Alcohol preps dont cut it for removing the adhesive debris

I feel your pain. HOWEVER, the IV3000 MMed had before the last ones were awesome. Has anyone else noticed the difference? I dont’ think we can still get them. The residue is r i d i c u l o u s when didn’t have to deal w/it in the past and also the prior version stuck better