CGM adhesion advice?

just got my CGM Friday, I am having a lot of trouble witht the covering. Using the IV3000 sent with the CGM. So far, put it on at training, had to replace once there. Later that day I had to add some first aid tape to keep it down. Replaced it twice today. Tried using the IV prep to make it stick better. (they told me not to use near insertion point) that did not seem to help. I read an old thread with lots of opinions about covers. The tape leaves a nasty residue, but I can get that off with makeup remover, but yuck.

what is your latest greatest advice for what product to use. Also any advise about best place to wear the sensor, seems to bother me more than the insertion site, maybe just cuz it's new, but itches a bit and I just seem to "feel" it there.

I have posted this on a few groups.

I use paper tape over both the sensor and the transmitter to start to secure it. Then I use 2-3 pieces of the IV3000 to really hold it down securely. I use the smaller IV3000 but again, I use 2-3 of them and this seems to work best for me. Make sure the entire setup is covered and that there’s a good “border” of IV3000 around it so that if it does start to peel, it will still effectively cover the sensor and transmitter and keep it secure. Definitely don’t use lotion or anything like that before inserting a new sensor…the IV3000 won’t stick well.

Everyone is different when it comes to where to wear the sensor. One thing you want to remember is not to wear it someplace where it will be rubbed a lot because I believe this can affect the sensor, it’s accuracy and ultimately, it’s lifespan.

Thanks Pamela! I sure appriciate your advice

I answered this on your duplicate thread post.

Ron, I just looked at the site to order a role…they charge almost $11 to mal a product that costs $33. Tape is hardly that heavy. On the other hand, I haven’t been able to find it in any pharmacy or medical supply stores here north of Boston. Thanks for the reference. I guess I’ll break down and order it. I’m just cheap when it comes to some things. Regards, Anthony


I would shop around on the internet first. I just did a quick check on Yahoo shopping and looks like there are some better deals. Also check ebay if you use it

Hey guys,
I’ve been using the sensor for about a month now, after i ran out of the iv3000 (which worked fine for me, 1 piece of the small covered ok, but i typically had to remove and put on a new one halfway through a sensor’s life). anyway i was at cvs or rite aid and bumped into a produce by nexcare. it is a 1.5" wide waterproof tape.(it’s called ‘absolute waterproof wide tape’ (go figure) 8) stuff works great for me, prolly get 2 days per piece. i use a 4-6" piece and apply it lengthwise over the sensor and the transmitter. it lasts through 2-3 showers if i apply it properly. so far no residue either. it comes in white and that ‘ace bandage’ brown color. (supposed to be flesh tone maybe??) anyway i’m having a lot of luck w/ it so far. I’ve gone 2 weeks or so on a half a role. A role is 180 inches. it’s an odd texture as it is almost a thin foam material, so very flexible.
I also found this worked well when i used it in addition to my last 2 iv3000’s really solid w/ both applied.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Thanks, Colorado…I will do just that. A more thorough search before I order anything. Again, thanks. So you’re from MA, too? Glad to see that.

I am not a fan of the IV3000…it’s a mess and so sticky. I called Minimed and asked for their adhesive sampler kit…I got the run around for a bit until someone knew what I was talking about, but they sent it for free. I tried the Tagadern tapes from that kit and really like those. They hold tight and waterproof and come off easily, no sticky mess left to clean off the transmitter. They will last easily 5-6 days without peeling off. But they are just as expensive as the IV3000. I’ve actually tried using regular large bandages from Walgreens - their generic brand. They work pretty well and are way less than the cost of the Tagaderm or IV3000. Only issue with the Walgreen bandages are that they are not as waterproof tight as the tapes, so I have to change them sometimes after a shower if they aren’t secured real well. But still cost is much lower even with having to change it every couple days.

Does insurance cover these adhesive patches? Just started on GCM and I know I will need some more soon.

Yes insurance will cover those. Not the adhesive removers or skin preps.