Hey Mer, get off your rump! (is what i need you to tell me)


ahh, my first blog. tudiabetes has taken my blog virginity. i’m quite proud of that because i finally feel like i have a purpose for writing one! not just random thoughts (although sometimes i think you might read some of those). i’m not big on using capitals when i type, so sorry for the informality.

i think i wrote about myself on my profile page, so let me just say that i am trying to start getting back into exercising. i need some people to MAKE ME DO IT! keep me in check. i think every week i say, ‘i will start monday. i will start wednesday.’ what better day to start than today, right? i know, i know, i still haven’t started - consistently. i’ve started to exercise some, just not on a set schedule. i need to work towards that. i will feel better, have better blood sugars, have better moods, feel better about myself, and look a little better. my pants probably won’t fit as snugly, which would be nice. :slight_smile: although i must say, i’ve never been one to care what size my clothes are, if it gets to tight, buy the next size up. thanks mom and dad, for not making me worry about my weight! it’s just a number.

So allow me to introduce my friend, the animas pump. (the OK button is fading and the light button is getting weak, time for a replacement.)

yes, almost time to refill my infusion set as you can see … and on a personal note, if you check the time, it’s almost time for me to go to bed because my mom is participating in the senior olympics that are in town and i have to get up at 6 AM on a saturday. (it’s the REAL olympics! i am proud, she is so excited! … mom doesn’t look her age. care to take any guesses? i mean, obviously ‘senior’ olympics gives something away. but anyway, here she is with my gorgeous niece in her STYLIN’ bikini i got her…


hey, mer, get off your rump! i have not a rump, but a heiney aka the shelf butt. you could tend bar from back there. i understand the push to exercise completely; the insulin works so much more efficiently when i do. self-motivation, however, can be somewhat difficult to muster. keep the fires burnin’…