Hey y'all

hey folks!

my name is lyndsey and im really excited to be a part of this site. i usually identify as a radical cyborg sick-o queer (i.e. i have a left-of-progressive political analysis, i wear an insulin pump, i have type one diabetes, and i like grrls), but don’t be scared off–im super nice and bubbly too.

i just moved to brooklyn from north carolina about 9 months ago and i feel like im still making the transition sometimes. i really like to move around, but definitely one of the hardest parts of that is consistently having to find new good doctors. among other things in north carolina, i left behind a fabulous endocrinologist.

i recently started taking symlin along with my pump insulin and its been an adjustment. the shots dont bother me so much as the freakin tummy aches. anyone else on symlin?

before moving to nyc, i had never met another type 1 diabetic! now im trying to reach out and get connected with folks and i think it is really helping. im excited to meet all of you and hear about your experiences. i am especially interested in doing some multi-issue community organizing, so if any of y’all are interested in talking about the ways that ableism, classism, racism, homophobia, etc. intersect, let me know.

proud to be sick with you,

Here’s a discussion about Symlin:

proud to be sick with you, too

I’m in Queens, NYC, but my endo is in suburban Nassau County, so I’m probably not the best person to ask about finding an endo … there is a relative shortage of them in NYC considering the number of people with diabetes, and it p!$$es me off that many who specialize in type 1 only treat children, as if they never grow up!!

I lived in Brooklyn for a year +… Bedford Ave in Williamsburg… and moved there from Asheville, NC. The transition, for me, was a tough one, mostly related to other circumstances. I hope you’re enjoying it, though… Brooklyn is a great place to live and full of creative energy! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

hey lyndsey!
fellow queer left-of-progressive pumper cyborg here. I laughed when I saw the cyborg part of your description. When I was in school, I liked to say, I was a cyborg before it was cool! Since everyone started talking about cyborgs when they read theory. Haha. And once in class, I had barely skimmed the reading, and the prof called on me to talk about ways in which we are cyborgs, and I was just like um… I’m definitely a cyborg, I wear an insulin pump!

Anyways I’d love to exchange ideas with you about queering diabetes, and intersections with ableism, classism, racism, gender stuff, etc.

Hey Lyndsey,
Glad to see the Queen community making their presence known here. Not queer, but lived in S.F. bay area most of my life and had more queer friends than you could shake a drag queen at. That is one thing I really miss about the Bay Area. My club kids and the scene. Hope you keep the community on their toes. you sound like you are the right queer for the job.