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I am new to I saw Manny on a talkshow. I thought this would be something neat to check out because I have always been too shy to go to a support group. I had been going to an older doctor who seemed to mostly see Type 2 diabetics. I had been seeing him since I became diabetic in 1993 and just never changed. Over these recent years, I felt like I needed a change, like I needed to be around more diabetics like me, younger and active, and to see a doctor who I could relate to a little more, so I got up the nerve and changed to a doctor who sees lots of Type 1 diabetics AND he is on a pump AND all of their diabetic educators are on pumps. How cool is that? Well, not for them, but for their patients it is. Everyone there is capable to answer questions AND understands what it’s like to be diabetic and on a pump. So this has been a very positive thing for me. So was finding this site! I look forward to finding other diabetics out there with similar experiences, and hope that it will help me to feel more “normal” as I hope to come out of my diabetic “shell”.


Wow! that’s pretty cool, your Doc wear’s a pump and so does his staff. That is awesome. I am glad you are coming out of your “shell” and you are “normal” . You are taking your first steps towards being you and I am proud of you. Keep up the good work! take it 1 day at a time.


Thanks for our encouragement, Cherise!

Glad you found us here Leigh. I know it is comforting knowing you’re not on your own and have to figure it all out yourself.

Hi Leigh! Wow, sounds like you made a GREAT decision to change doctors-- a doctor on the pump sounds GREAT!

I hope that you will enjoy exploring our community and joining in our discussions. Joining this community completely changed my perspective towards diabetes, which was good for both my blood sugars and my quality of life :slight_smile:

We are so glad you joined us! I have had it for 41 years, and I think that nothing has helped me as much as TuDiabetes! well maybe insulin! I’m sure you will make many friends here.

welcome! i’m glad you found our community filled with “normals” :slight_smile:

Hey Leigh, I know exactly what you mean about coming out of your “shell” with a new doc! It’s amazing how having a good endo can really change things. I had a crappy one for a long time who was judgmental, but my endo now is fabulous and my A1C’s have been much better the whole time I’ve been seeing her! I’m so glad that you found a new one.
Hope you have a great day,

That sounds wicked, I wish one person on my health team was diabetic. I have a good team anyways, but it always nice to know that the person you are talking to knows how you feel cause they have been there too. I’m sure you will find this site helpful.

Take Care.