Hi everybody! want to formally introduce myself!

Hi - I was dx ac10.5 in july. I have zyprexa induced diabetes 2. I gained 60 lbs in a year on zyprexa, and developed metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

My AC1 is now 6.2. I have lost 63 lbs since august and I low carb under 50 a day.

I am still working out what mental health drugs I can now take.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Welcome to the community =) Congrats on the awesome results! That’s great that you did all that work, and it shows, too!

yeah, atypical antiphychotics raise blood sugar as well as make weight gain. they all have diabetes warnings now, but that is recent. I try to get the word out there.

my secret was being totally pissed off. I was so angry. so mad. and I was in the middle of the worse year of my life, my husband of 23 years had left me, I had lost my job, sold the house, gone on disability, totally homeless had to move 900 miles away from my adult kids to live with a friend. and then ended up in er with diabetes. that is the short version. I was mad. it seemed the only thing I really could control was, food. So I did. As soon as I went low carb I started loosing weight. then I started an hour a day on the treadmill, then after low carbing about a month, I didn’t even want to eat. so i was eating not enough. my hair started falling out and I started having twitching in my legs. So then I stepped up eating, but still less then 50 carbs a day, added a multi-vitamin. kept treadmilling…and here i am now. my endo is impressed, he asked me if I have OCD. and I do, I thinked that was in my favour for once.

Welcome to the community!!! Feel free to post a pic so we can recognize you!!!

What is OCD? Does it make you loose weight? Can a male catch it? Sounds like WW2 when the Germans got every body pissed at them. and then were surprised at the reaction. Getting mad? Maybe that is the answer.

Welcome to the Community Yannah.That is Great news.