Hi Everybody

I’m so sorry if I hadn’t gotten to answer you personally. Lets just say sometimes life gets in the way! HA! This is just to say Hello to everyone who has posted on my page and I haven’t gotten back to you. I have not forgotten you I’ve just been kinda busy here in the last 2 weeks! You know hospital stay and finding out I’m gonna be a grandma again etc.

Hi Doris,
Congrats on the grandchild news. I have had my granddaughters here for the last 3 days (12 and 15) and have no time at all for myself. But I love it so I can’t complain.
Hope your feeling better after your hospital stay. I’m always afraid of that because I am still new at this and aren’t always sure if I am doing things right or not. So far my numbers are good, I know as soon as I cheat I can be sure to watch them go up. Trying to behave and doing alot of reading.
Glad to see you back and take care of yourself.


Thank you Mia! I love my granddaughter too so I sholdn’t complain but I do when I’m really feeling bad and it feels like I get no help but well… Take care and you will find this is eaiser than you think…Just give yourself time to get used to the new life change then roll 'em over! My granddaughter is now 11 months old! Now I see why God gives them to the young! I think He’s figured out the older we get the lazier we get! HA!