I'm back!

Sorry everybody I’ve been kinda on avery bad pitty trip for about the past 3 or 4 weeks and just seathing at myself youngest daughter, father,husband, oldest daughter, granddaughter, Well let me jusy say it seemed more like I had my own personal nervous breakdown the only thing is that when you have your own break down they dobn’t lock you ina little room and give you all kinds of good drugs to get threw it! I just wanted to welcome all the new newmbers on here now and tell you guys we’re very happy to have all of you here with us and I’m sorry if I haven’t gotten around to everypage to welcome you to our growing family! For those of you that don’t have your pic’s up yet please put one up for us so we can socilaze with you too> I request that all you newbies become my friends but you may have to fix it to where we can all be friends! I just got back today from a much needed vacation at my grandmothers and I think we enjoyed eachothers company alomg with MY granddaughter and her great great granddaughter! It was just the 3 of us for about 4 days and 3 nights over at my old home place that’s been there for centeries and all 3 of us just loved that small vacation to death! So nice to be home again!!!


Welcome back and glad you are feeling better.


Welcome back. We missed you.

Hey it`s good to see your inner strenght is being used wisely. You have more than you know until (sometimes) you are forced to use it.
Stay in there you are a fighter. I know it is very hard, but you are an overcomer.

Hey Doris: I was wondering where you had run off to.
Playing hooky eh? :wink: Good to see you back. I hope all is Well.

Hooky? Hey thats a good way to put it! I should have let you said the thingy I did to start off this duscission!!! HA!