Hi Everyone!

It’s good to find a forum. :slight_smile:

My story:

I had insulin dependent Gestational Diabetes 5 years ago when I was pregnant. They didn’t catch it until late in my pregnancy. I’m a single mom and had to go through pregnancy and all the joys of learning to give myself insulin all alone.

It went away when my son was born. Then a year and a half ago I could feel it was back. My doctor was slow to diagnose me or test me for it because I’m pretty healthy. I eat well enough and I work out 4 times a week at least.

After I was denied life insurance because of my A1C levels, I finally went on metformin 8 months ago.

My sugars have been out of control for the last month or so running, on average 200-300 even with medication. So now my doctor wants me to consider insulin. She’s been treating me as a type 2. But, from everything I’ve read I’m a type 1.5.

I’m pretty angry and depressed about it. My family seems to think it’s no big deal and I should just lay off the candy. If another person tells me that I should just work on my diet and exercise I think Ill strangle them.

My friend Andrew recommended this place. So I’m hoping to talk with others who understand.


Hello and welcome to TuDiabetes! We are glad you are here and you will be able to learn a lot from the people here, someone has either gone through what you are going though or going through the motions that you are right now. We all understand, and have been there at some point…the main thing is…YOU are not ALONE!!! If you have any questions about anything, anytime day or night post it in the forum and someone will answer. I will keep you in my prayers and TuDiabetes will help you get over the diabetic blues. Smile, your still living:) it get’s better…I PROMISE:)


Hi Christy,
Welcome. We are very happy to have you join us… We are a really big family and I definitely agree there is nothing that can come up that someone won’t have an answer for or about. And we all care about and support each other so this is really the greatest place to learn. I was started on pills in the beginning too and thankfully went on insulin within just a couple of months. Everything has worked out so much better for me on the insulin. I hope things get straightened up for you soon.

Chrit Pleased to meet you. You have all th eearmarks of lada. Get on the insulin. You are investing in quality of life years down the reoad and since you ARE LADA you will avoid an expensive trip to the emergency room with DKA. So do it as soon as you can.
peace and health

Hi Christy,

Glad you have joined–welcome! You’ll find sympathetic ears here & a shoulder, when you need it.

You’re justified in feeling angry & depressed & utterly annoyed at people who think it’s no big deal. If only it was as easy as just laying off the candy! Yea, we all want to strangle those people who think just diet & exercise are the answer. I’ve become quite practiced at the icy stare when I hear things like this.

Hope you can get on insulin soon–the sooner the better. It will give you control, your life back & help protect what beta cells you’ve got.