Not ready to live with it

My story:

I had insulin dependent Gestational Diabetes 5 years ago when I was pregnant. They didn’t catch it until late in my pregnancy. I’m a single mom and had to go through pregnancy and all the joys of learning to give myself insulin all alone.

It went away when my son was born. Then a year and a half ago I could feel it was back. My doctor was slow to diagnose me or test me for it because I’m pretty healthy. I eat well enough and I work out 4 times a week at least.

After I was denied life insurance because of my A1C levels, I finally went on metformin 8 months ago.

My sugars have been out of control for the last month or so running, on average 200-300 even with medication. So now my doctor wants me to consider insulin. She’s been treating me as a type 2. But, from everything I’ve read I’m a type 1.5.

I’m pretty angry and depressed about it. My family seems to think it’s no big deal and I should just lay off the candy. If another person tells me that I should just work on my diet and exercise I think Ill strangle them.

My friend Andrew recommended this place. So I’m hoping to talk with others who understand.

peace, Christy

I am glad you joined, but sorry you had the need to join. Have they done any lab work to try to find out which type you are? Don’t be ashamed if you do start the insulin, it doesn’t mean failure and you will be surprised at how much better you feel when your blood sugars are “normal.” You will find a lot of people “think” they are being helpful, but they aren’t to you. Just smile at them and say thank you for the advice, but it is my health and my disease, not yours. I will treat myself how I am supposed to and then ask them if they have considered working on their diet and exercise so they can prevent themselves from being sick. I think everyone has been where you are with the “helpful” advice. Ask about getting a c-peptide and GAD lab work done. Those will help determine which type you are, I am sure there are some other labs as well, but at the moment my brain is dead (finals week at my university). Hang in there, ask questions, read and be extremely proactive in your care. You have to push ahead with the questions and labs to be done to find out. Don’t be afraid to speak out to your doctor and let them know what you think and what you want done.

Thanks. I didn’t even know that there were exams to tell you what your type is. After I wade through my midterms I plan to go back armed with lots of questions.

I also realized that I don’t remember what it felt like to have normal blood sugars!

Thanks for the support and advice.

Just keep asking and I would keep a pad handy to jot notes on for the doctor. I know I always have a list to talk to my doctor about on my palm pilot and I keep it out as he is answering the questions so I have a hard copy of his answers. There are some other people that will know more about the lab work than what I gave you.

Even the well meant advice gets old, let alone the snide diet comments! Don’t be afraid of insulin - I was so much happier once I got some and got my blood sugar under control that I’ve never cared about giving myself shots. I too was a slow onset, but I’ve been on insulin now for 4 years, and even got an insulin pump this year.

Glad that you found us Christy! Yes, it sounds like it could be type 1.5. I would recommend starting on insulin. You will be amazed at how your energy level goes up once your blood sugars are under control.

There are a lot of misconceptions and a general lack of understanding about diabetes. You will need to be the person to educate your family and the people around you, but this takes a lot of energy. So sometimes it’s easier just to ignore the comments. In the long run though, it pays to educate them so that they can be more understanding of what you deal with. But for now, taking everything one step at a time will help! And if you need people who “get it”, we’re here!!!

there was an excellent discussion with many replies here called “misconceptions about diabetes”. Some of it is pretty funny, too. I hope I got the link in there right, I don’t always do it correctly.

a common misconception some people have is that starting insulin means they have failed. Don’t go there! You want to have the best control you can, and you want to feel good and energetic. We are a strong, compassionate, and intelligent family here at TuDiabetes. Welcome to the family!

Christy–Hello and welcome to the group. I just joined a month ago and I haven’t been too active since school started in September. I am sorry to learn of your high blood sugars and your case sounds a lot like my friend’s diabetes (Type I diagnosed after 30 and after 2 kids) who was very sick, even with Metformin. She went with insulin shots, now a pump, and is doing so much better. She is a tennis player like me–my initial blood sugars were super high but I responded to oral meds and diet. Kristin is right, the feeling with lower blood sugars is amazing–More energy and I think better self-esteem. I am an educator so I see it as one of my tasks to tell people about diabetes because there is tremendous ignorance of this common disorder. First task for you is to get some more help with the BG levels. People here are so helpful. Welcome.

Hi !
Maybe you should check this article (in DiabetesHealth). It’s about type 2 and use of insulin… It might have some answers for you…

Hello Christy. I was diagnosed in January. I was in for other issues, and was called back for a follow-up. I was hit between the eyes on that visit, so I know how you feel. I feel that it has been a slow road myself. I have not worked with anyone who has really sat me down and told me, “okay, this is how you test your blood glucose. Okay, this is what you can eat from now on. Etc.” I have been learning about all of this on my own. My Doctor essentially told me to go out and google type-2 diabetes, but don’t freak out over the volume of stuff that you find.

That was it! I am trying to get in to see a diabetes education facility, but i have to be referred by a physician in order for my insurance to cover it. Then I would like to see a dietitian as well. Right now, I have only been trying to eat lean meats and more veggies. Less oil and white flour. And smaller portions of course. I have a membership at a local YMCA now. But I am still walking around with a big WTF! and ? above my head (kind of like those Arby’s commercials, heh).