Hello! newbie here

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for a little under a month now. Luckily there’s a lot of diabetes in the family and my older sister’s had it since she was 9 so it doesn’t feel all new and scary to me. :slight_smile: I’m currently enjoying my “honeymoon” - my body’s still producing some insulin on its own, so I don’t have to worry much about insulin yet before meals. Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

Hi karenpat! Welcome! Sorry you are in the club, but since you are here, you can be with friends. TuD is a great place to get support, information, and understanding.

Hello and Welcome to TuD!!

That’s interesting that it "doesn’t feel new and scary’ w/ your family situation!! Nice to meet you!

I was in the same boat as you with family members having T1 already when I was diagnosed. It’s a nice luxury when you get such a big new thing thrown at you. Welcome!