Hi there everyone

I just found out last week that i have type 2 diabetes. I am still in quite a bit of shock at the moment. I am looking for people who i can talk to about things and this seems like a good place to start.

You will find many kind people here, Lillyt. It must seem overwhelming right now. Do you have access to a Diabetes Educator? I’ve had diabetes for 41 years, and I went to one this year, and I learned some new stuff that was helpful. Please feel free to respond to any discussions here, and ask questions - we all want to help each other here.

Welcome, Lilyt! Glad you found us. Wonderful people here & a safe place to say whatever you like.

It is overwhelming & a shock–we know how you feel.

Dear Lillyt.

I am sorry to have to welcome you. After enjoying diabetes for 11 years I am still not clear on what to eat. Presently trying a low carb approach with lots of metamucil for obvious reasons. Expecting to die of cholesterol overdose, not because of any reality but more so because I have been indoctrinated on low fat diets since childhood and it is difficult for an old Dog to learn new tricks. .So far the blood sugars are much better than on a normal diet ( i.e. American Diabetes Association approved). One thing I have found out is that nothing gives you as high LDL(bad cholesterol) and triglycerides as high blood sugar. For some reasons beyond my understanding of chemistry the 3 evils are intimately correlated. Biochemists help?


I am sorry to welcome you to our little group. I am a type 1 but I sometimes advise type 2 diabetics and I have never had one return the advice. My advice is often a bit sarcastic but if you can get through that you will find some true sincerity. Unless of course you don’t. At which point I suggest phoning ET he wont give advice, but he is a big star.

Rick Phillips

Dear Lillyt

There are three things that are for sure. 1) Everyone agrees that exercise is good for the management of diabetes. As much as you possibly can do. 2) Loosing as much weight as you possibly can and keeping it off. 3) Diabetes is an all out war no slaking off or you loose quickly.

Welcome! This is a great place filled with really helpful supportive people. I am also a T2 and joined about a month ago. I am glad I did! Oh, and remember the disease is complex. Treatment has to be rather personalized, and different foods, drugs etc effect people differently. Also, I read “Everything you need to know about Diabetes” I found it to be one of the most helpful books I have read on the big D.

thanks everyone for the support and information. i have fibromyalgia and a few other things going on. its amazing how the body is so tied into everything. I have been really discouraged by my sugars remaining so high on the medication. I hope the doctors can figure things out that will work for me quickly.

Hi Lilly

What medications are you on? There are quite a few discussions about fibromyalgia here.

There are also quite a few other diabetics with fibromyalgia on here.


How are things going? We are all concerned for you.


No reason to be shocked! i went-like most of us- through this schock period, for me it was a year ago and lasted 8 months! it really gets better with time!Try to fight it and improve your A1C numbers.With every small success you will gain confidence and feel that you can really fight this.its really not the end of the world :). Whenever you want to chat we are all here for you.You will see, it only takes some time to adjust!