Thank you

Thank you all for your welcome words and information. It may take me a few days to get through it all and figure it out. I have been getting such a run around with doctors all having a different idea on what we need to do to treat the main problems and then get the diabetes under control that I am overwhelmed I don’t know who to listen to. What to do and I am to the point I am to tired to care. I know I need to loose weight I havenever weighed this much but just am not having any luck with it. I know some of it is the prednizone, lyrica and some of the other 20 drugs that I take. Has anyone ever tried nutrasystem where it is measured out and a set plan? What about the glyemic index diet? The problem is it takes energy to cook and eat right and I just don;t have it right now.

Thanks for listenting. It helps to vent.

I hope to get to know some of you and be able to be of help to someone.


I don’t have diabetes, but at 325 I shouldn’t be taking chances. The most success I have had with dieting is to try and really understand the macronutrients involved in my foods. Even if that just means tracking the big 3 (Carbs, Proteins, Fats).

A really great site for this is, I’m sure there are others but basically you just make a conscious effort to log your meals on the site and at the end of the day, week etc. it gives you a break down. It helps b/c most of the foods you would eat are already in there, so you don’t have to go looking on cans or guess how many carbs an apple has.

Finally, I’d definitely let someone else chime in, since I kind of arrived at this theory as a non-diabetic reading a lot of medical literature about the disease to understand it better. In any case, I have found that eating meals low in fat (<5g) AND low in carbs (<10g) at different times of the day has helped me drastically reduce weight.

I hope somebody else chimes in on that though, since the main crux of the theory is to not mix meals with carbs and fat, because the carbs cause an insulin rise. If their is available fat in the blood stream, the insulin then grabs that and pushes it into the adipose (fatty) tissue. However, if its protein, then it pushes it into the muscular tissue, and more protein and muscle helps burn up fat.

Again, since my theory involves normal insulin function and I’ve only really tested it on myself as a 7’ male I’d definitely consult your physician first, since its basically an Atkins diet at night and a low-fat diet in the mornings, either of which may not be good for someone with diabetes.

Good luck! Sounds like you are very anxious. Set goals, smile and know you have friends in the community who really do care, and many of whom also face your same trials and tribulations.

Linda, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it before, but I have found Weight Watchers is both diabetes-friendly and sustainable. I’ve lost 22 pounds easily over a steady six month period and my mom has lost 57 right alongside me. I’m quite happy with the results. You pay only $39.99 per month and can choose to do it online or attend meetings. My mom and I both thought we’d hate meetings, but both of us have enjoyed it since we started in April.

And please, vent away! This place is great for getting it all out there as well as for picking up tips and ideas for better management. Best of luck!


I am not sure on the glycemic index or the nutrisystem meals. I can say this…Venting is okay! It’s good to let go. Do your research and see what you find. I agree with Melissa… I heard weight watchers has a great program.
Keep up posted! I know sometimes it is tuff but continue to keep on going…Don’t give up.

Linda, I am also feeling with you. I have had diabetes for over 8 years now, and I still find it confusing. And I totally agree that there is a vicious circle, in that we get confused and stressed, and tired from it all–and regular life with its stresses and events and issues fits in there too–we can’t spend all our time just focusing on our diabetes. And then when we’re stressed or tired or distracted by the rest of life, it’s harder to make healthy decisions about food and exercise. Sometimes it helps me to remember to take one day (hour, minute) at a time and just keep doing my best, whatever my best is at any given moment.