Hi there Just an intro

My name is Sarah and I have recently joined tudiabetes and love it. Here is my blog address http://mylifewithneedles.blogspot.com/. I'm sixteen and I love to write and do drama at school.

Hi Sarah, welcome to TuDiabetes. I don't read blogs, but I look forward to hearing from you on the board.

Welcome to the TuD family Sarah. Hope you have a chance to explore the site soon!

Hi Sarah ~

I just spent a few minutes looking over your blog. I have to say it is pretty interesting!

Welcome to Tudiabetes! We have a good time here talking about all kinds of things. Some things are very funny, somethings are very, very serious. Some things have to do with diabetes and some things have to do with people's reaction to it. Sometimew, we ask for advice, and sometimes we give it. Everyone has an opinion and everyone (mostly) respects that opinion. We all have experiences, and we all wonder, sometimes, how to deal with those experiences.

I am happy to see that you do drama in school. I learned to love drama and music in high school and went on to have a very nice career of being a stage technician, stage manager and producer in the professional theater and opera stage. It was really fun!

Keep in touch here and post something or reply to a post regularly. It is good to have you here.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

Nice to meet you! I'm not a huge blog fan but looked at yours and agree w/ Brian that it was entertaining.

Welcome!! I really like your blog. You should think about posting an excerpt of your new entries in the Blog section of tudiabetes and then linking to your full post over at your site.