Hide my name?

I really would like to be more anonymous on TuD. How can I change my name shown on my posts?

How can I remove myself?

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What I see is Sue27. Nancy

You can change your name displayed by going to the opening page (Page with Chat at bottom), in the upper right of the page click on “Edit Your Profile”. There you can change your displayed name.

If you have difficulties you can contact me or any other site administrator for help. After making a change to your user profile be sure to click “Update Account” at the bottom of your profile page.

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I followed your directions and did a test. Changed it to T1forever. Picture change worked. Name change has not.

@Sue27, you should be able to change your displayed name by changing your “Username.” There is a big downside, and that is basically that any “@Sue27” mentions anywhere will henceforth be broken. You won’t get notifications and most importantly any mentions of you in previous content will be broken. So anyone seeing a post that says @Sue27 cannot click on the mention and bring up your profile. You will become a ghost as far as those mentions are concerned.

And unfortunately the username T1forever is already taken, so if you want a different username you will have to choose one that is not already taken.

ps. Your display name does show T1forever, just click on your mention @Sue27 and you will see it come up.

Ok. Thanks. I’d just like to be anonymous here. I think T1forever was taken by me. But I couldn’t make it work. Thanks.

@T1Forever has not been active since 2012, and @T1forever had nearly 300 posts. My preference would be to now break the content on the site. How would you feel about working to reclaim your @T1Forever membership?

Yes, please. It must have been the website configuration that caused the disconnect.

@Sue27, I am in NH. When I get a chance I will work with you to reactivity your old membership.