Type x below name when posting?

I see some members will have something like “Type 1 and LADA” underneath their user name. As a type 2 on MDI, I would like that as well since I am often posting on treads about pumps and the like. If it is not possible then I guess I will have to use it as a preamble to my posts to avoid being mistaken for a type 1.

I did check out my profile, but I see nothing to do this.


Hmmm I do not know what configures that nor do I remember seeing “Regular” .

When I tried to postulate what other choices than Regular might be, I had a Blues Brothers flashback: “Oh we got both kinds! Regular and NPH!” :slight_smile:

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You should be able to by
Clicking on your badge/icon at the top right
click on the shadow person displayed
choices will drop
click on preferences
scroll down until you see title and it will give you options

Hmm. My only option seems to be “Regular” as well.

That’s funny, but Regular is a Badge honor. As @MBW wrote I only have the option of None or Regular.

All I get for chooses is None or Regular. The latter is a Badge. Probably this feature got lost after a website change. I went back to None as Regular doesn’t mean much to anyone.


Maybe one of the Mods can help

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For those who are curious what the option is, I did some research and learned something about a website I’d been using for a decade! First I figured out what badges I had: you click on your face, click on the person icon, click on Badges. Then click on the badge (which in the case of “Type 1 or LADA” is a blank picture!) and then you get a menu “Select a badge to use as your title” and save. Below is a screenshot after all these mouse clicks.

I’m going to guess I have my Type 1 or LADA badge because when I signed up for a very old version of the Tudiabetes board, I checked a box saying “Type 1 or LADA”, and this has been inherited by the successive generations of the website.

(BTW I am still disappointed Regular is an option but NPH isn’t !)


Good try, @Tim12 but no seegar Don’t have a badge with DM type.

Regular doesn’t have anything to do with insulin in this case. It’s the trust level for the website you currently have, which comes with some perks. It’s the first badge in the image shared above.

I’m in the same boat as @Luis3 My badges even look similar. Nothing about Type 1/LADA or being an insulin user, despite my often saying that I am and do. There’s no option in the settings to tell the site these things. I did fill out my little profile blurb stating specifically these things, to see if it would trigger something… But no.

Could the trigger be from a specific thread? I never commented on the “introduce yourself here” thread. Is that the distinction between those who have type badges and those who don’t?

I can make the Type1 lada appear by going to

Profile, Preferences.

Scroll to bottom, find “Title”.
Drop down to see if it appears.

I already had the badge, so not sure if that was a pre-req.
Also, have been member a long time, so could be badge was carry over from then, like @Tim12

I cannot see anything other than “None” or “Type 1 or LADA” as options under my account -->preferences–>title. I use the TuDiabetes app.

Hey Luis!

If you go to your profile, you don’t have your diabetes type marked, I believe that is how you get the badge.

Click on your picture, then go to preferences, on the left side you’ll see profile. On the bottom, do you see Edit profile?

When I did that, there are only 3 choices None, Regular, Type 1 or LADA). Do you know why Type 2 is not specifically on list?

Or is list driven by badges ?

There are different modify profile pages on the tudiabetes home page versus inside the forum. I have type 1 selected on the former, but there is no such option anywhere within the forum. Thus, no Type 1 badge and no option to display it.

I’m beginning to think a modification was made to the site itself, which makes it impossible to earn the badge now… And that only those who earned it before the change have the option available.

My set up looks a little different from @Tim12 .
I have nothing to pick that says badges, Select a badge to use. My choice is solely under preferences. Username, then edit profile picture, email, name and then title choices. The title choices are just Type 1/LADA, none or regular. Good for me since it fits, but limiting for others.

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I tried to change my description on the home page to type 2 to see if it gave me other choices on the forum . But as soon as I leave the home page it reverts back to Type 1/LADA automatically.

So I suppose it might change if I selected none as a forum choice and then tried to change the home page and then back? But I am unwilling to test that in case it completely disappears lol. I don’t want to lose the Type 1/LADA choice.

Regular is actually a badge awarded, " Trust Level 3 – Regular"
I think I may try adding Type 2 after my name to avoid confusion.


I couldn’t get it to work either, but followed your lead, @Luis3!


From Luis3 a type 2 on MDI
I don’t see how to change my user name. So that didn’t work either. I guess I can preface my posts like above.