Hiding away from the D? WHY?

My main question: Should we hide our diabetes from the world… while asking for more research Funding??

I got a tweet from someone in Canada who says he gets ‘angry’ at people who accomplish things & then say they have diabetes. I said "We should be visible if we are asking for research $$ for a cure."
He says he; “…doesn’t mind scientists putting research for a cure on the back burner for now.” as he says; “we have the most easily manageable ‘disease’ (!!) one could have.”.

Now, maybe on a day to day basis, this is somewhat true to an extent.

But I wonder; has this guy been REALLY paying attention to medical reports and so on?

This outlook, IMHO, sounds incredibly naive and almost selfish. Sheesh, let him keep diabetes if he loves it so much! I’m sure I’m not alone in believing if I do something really great & mention that I have diabetes, it could actually inspire a newly diagnosed person.

How many new PWD’s are being told by their friends/relatives: “You shouldn’t join that gym/Bike ride/Walk, etc… you have a condition now!” Or, as I read a while back of a lunchroom lady who announced 'All the diabetic kids, go to That table"…? Even the more recent story about the 'teen who had to write a letter of apology for “Stealing” an extra fruit pack from the cafeteria at school because her BG was low during a P.E. class? I think seeing someone with diabetes accomplishing something fun or great would make them feel far less encumbered by having diabetes.

Am I right? Or embarrassingly unashamed?

I would just like to structure this well for a blog post w/o appearing silly :-/ (Too late, Jenny!) I do think we need to be ‘out there’ to educate the usual person. I know the guy’s young and most likely trying to convince himself he must hide it or something so I would like to try to put this into ‘nice’ words:

We have diabetes. It is not the thing that holds us back, it is the ignorance of others who hold us back. I believe we should NOT hide it, nor should we hide BEHIND it. Diabetes is a part of me, so why should I be ashamed of it? It is also not a ‘friend’. It is like a “Benevolent Judge” It will judge harshly those who err deliberately, but is known to be lenient to those who do their best to live by the rules so to speak.

I have an insulin pump but for the first 10 years of life with diabetes, I did not see the point in running off to the restroom to do my injections. I even bought Novo-Pens and no one knew I was ‘shooting up’ under the table. While I am not a total IN YOUR FACE prig about having Diabetes, I shall not hide it either.

AIDS, Cancer and other ‘diseases’ -conditions get the research funding because they ARE a vocal community. I feel we should also be as vocal and raise awareness wherever we can.

I hope the young man in N.S. with the beautiful hair will come to that stage of knowledge as well.

I agree too. Diabetes doesn’t limit us, but it does make a lot of things tougher. So we should shout our accomplishments to the world!

absolutely spot on!

WHEW! My only real blog is here, so this is cool enough until I get a site of my own. Thanks folks, I was Nervous

GREAT POST! And so very true.

YAY!! I totally feel better if other ‘Big’ bloggers like this LOL… Seriously!

You go girl!!

I’ll play about with more blogs. If I get too verbose, I’m sure Manny will tell me “Buy a domain and website of your own already…! my site bogging down w/ your blogs!” lols…

This is why if I ever have question I come to you. You are truly awesome and keep up the blogging I love hearing your side of things. And I agree with what you said. :slight_smile:

Aw, Shucks!

JENNY! YAY! You did fine. And I agree with you whole heartedly. This is mainly why I don’t care about being called a person with diabetes or a diabetic.

In the wake of Sonia Sotomayor’s hearings, I say - Heck - why don’t we let more people know about diabetes. And that it doesn’t define us, but it is a part of who we are, and that it doesn’t limit us the way some would think.

Spoken like a true D veteran! We do need to educate the masses as well as out fellow PWDs out there. Thanks for sharing!

Great post Jenny!

Thanks for bringing a very important issue here,Jenny.

I felt I kinda had to. An alleged ‘Physician’ actually tried to dissuade the acceptance of Sotomayor to the Supreme court citing her 46 years with diabetes. Total archaic idiocy. Then, when that young man on Twitter was piping off, I had to try blogging again :slight_smile:

You are right with this. I don’t advertise my diabetes. Nor do I hide it. If it’s appropriate, I discuss it. If not, it doesn’t matter anyway.
As for us “big” bloggers… that’s an overrated term. We just chose to get our own page. :slight_smile: It doesn’t make us any “bigger” than you. No matter how you do it, keep blogging if it helps you. That’s the only reason to do it.

Great post Jenny!

Great post!

Way to say it loud and proud! I have really struggled with this. I must admit that sometimes and in certain situations, I have been ashamed of it. I almost always hide to take my shot because I’m afraid of offending someone. After reading your blog, NO MORE! You’re absolutely right.

I wouldn’t wish this disease on my worst enemy but don’t you wish sometimes that some people would have to deal with it for just one day?

Yep! Just one day. I read an article in 'Diabetes Forecaset" in the 80’s about a midwest med. center who asked their diabetes care team to live as if they had diabetes for 1 week. IIRC, NONE of them could do it. Some did it, but with major complaints.

Like I said, I don’t think we should gross ppl out, but not to be ashamed of it either. I did my shots so quickly, no one even noticed it. Now I have a pump and that’s a lot more discreet.