I don't hide it :)


I'm diabetic and I hate it; but I don't hide it either.


I agree with both posts. I never hid it, never used it (I had a friend who used to pretend to have a low to get her husband out of the pool and away from pretty women), and never made a huge issue of it either.


I don't hide it; why should i? If I'm out somewhere and I need to check my bs I'll sit down somewhere and check it. I don't wave my hand in the air and say Hey! I'm sticking my finger now! But I do what I have to do.

I could be accused of flaunting it? :-) It's winter here though so Fred doesn't get out much...

Great tat!

There is no point in hiding it. I talk about it to anyone who wants to listen. I am continually amazed at the number of people affected by D that I meet who really don't understand or know much about it. I try to be a walking diabetes awareness billboard.

I was fired from my job of four years when someone saw me testing, but that was before the Americans With Disabilities Act. I would sue 'em today. I've have had D for so long I don't care if folks know or not!

I don't hide it either. It's too much trouble and it opens up the potential to educate others about this disease. I endorse your sentiment, however. I am not ashamed to have to live with diabetes. It's not something I chose and I'm doing my best to mitigate its damages.

I have one quibble with your use of language, however. I see myself as a person with diabetes, not a diabetic. This is a distinction that makes a material difference!

Diabetes is just another role that I play in my life; I also like to sail, write, read, talk, be a friend, take care of my dog, and go for walks. It does not define me! Instead of being a "diabetic," I could also say I'm a walker or a talker. These are all facets of me but they do not define who I am!

Thanks Randy! I agree! :-)

Any background, RussY? What is your experience? How long have you been a person with D? What experiences have you had with friends, work, etc.?

I am not really proud. I have recently celebrated 50 years as a T1 and am successful. I test in public, talk to coworkers, etc. I TRY TO EDUCATE. But, I do not feel like D gives me an edge. As Uniboy said DIABETES SUCKS!!!!!!

I was just basically saying I'm not gonna let it bring me down... And as for my background I found out when i was 9 on a road trip to Texas and i went in to a coma with a blood sugar of 1600... There's been times were Iv spent months in the hospital because i got sick and it sent my diabetes out of whack, so I know how much a pain it is. But I'm not gonna say oh it sucks cause I'm going to have to deal with it for the next 100years...

that's perdy nice bro

I just want you guys to know this wasn't about me saying diabetes makes me better than anyone or that it gives me an "edge" on life or what ever ...I was just simply saying I'm not going to have a pitty party for an illness that I'm going to have for the rest of my life and it will NEVER GO AWAY.. see cause that right there is depressing... I'm sorry if you don't like what i have to say :)

I dont hid it. Why should i. diabetes just makes me even more unique. If people dont like me cuz im diabetic that is there fault



who doesnt want to be more unique? GOOD LUCK DIABETES CUZ THERE IS NO WAY U WILL BEAT ME

aha thats right

I was like that at first i didn't even test my sugars in front of my family, but i grew out of that as you can see.. what also helped me is that at one of the CHKDs around me they have a support group every 2nd Monday of the month,that might be something to look into for your child

Now I can say that but when I was a kid with diabetes I didn't say that. After I figured out that insulin didn't exist 100 years ago (at that time about 75 years ago) I'm very proud that it's there and it's made me live for 37 years with Type 1.