High BG after changing pod

did you notice high BG after changing pod?
it means you change pod having 70 mg/dl and after 2 hour your BG is up to 200 mg/dl.
so you make a correction bolus, higher than usual, and everything goes well.
I can’t understand what’s the problem,can you?

You might check out this discussion about BG after pod change.

Or try this one about New Pod highs.

There’s also some good info in this one about Time to change your pod…

All of these discussions have some good feedback and suggestions about different things to try. Most people push a small bolus (varies from person to person) after changing pods to help “kickstart” the body into utilizing the new pod site for insulin absorption, so to speak.

From my understanding this can be the same with all infusion changes. I was taught to change before boluses so that way some of the bolus can carry the difference. Sometimes when you change your tissue isn’t ready to absorb the insulin and it takes some adjustment time. I don’t think this goes for pod only.