High BG during a Nasty Cold

Hi All,

Has anyone else found a way to control higher BG when they are sick.? This past week I’ve missed three days of work and have no appetite. My blood sugars raised up to 18 to 27 with no food just cold medications. I fear I’m feeling well is actually my blood sugar readings not this cold.

I up basal one unit at a time and correct pretty aggressively. Drink plenty of non-carby fluids like broth or water and wait it out.

What’s in the cold meds?

Increase in blood sugar can be caused by illness, nondiabetic cough medication , steroid inhalers. It is also not good to skip meals when you are sick. Check with your CDE for illness guidelines. Might also check with your MD in case you might have an infection. Nancy50

Hi; Sorry still been sick fighting what I just found out is strep throat. Started antibiotics today and I hopeful that I will be feeling better soon. BG’s are still all over the place from not eating and then eating sugary popsicles I’m not being diligent with my diabetic medications.

That’s your question about my cold medications. I was just taking Buckley‘s cold and sinus pills along with Hall’s no sugar added throat and cough lozenges.

On the positive- I’ve lost 6 pounds.