High BG in the morning?

Hey everyone,

I just started with the Ping on January 4th… Everything was going great until the morning of the 9th when I woke up with high BG (250+ range) and have every single morning since… So I’m on day six of high mornings and am fairly certain it’ll be the same situation tomorrow… the only problem is, I can’t for the life of me figure out why. I even increased my basal rate overnight, 8pm to 6am, from .75 to .85/hr. (My endo put me on .75/hr all day when I started.)

One of my swim coaches also has diabetes and is on a Minimed pump, she thought maybe I’m sleeping on the tubing and kinking it? I try as hard as I can to not sleep on the tubing, but I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do!

Any ideas?!

Oh man! I am so with you on this! I started on the pump just before Christmas too and it was going great for me until suddenly I started having morning highs too. My nurse is thinking I might be having overnight lows and the high BGs might be a rebound. She wants me to check my BGs overnight to get a clearer read. I sleep on the tubing too-i don’t think that affects anything.

You need to double check your night time rates (just to make sure the times aren’t off) then test at night. If you want to do just a 3am, that will be a good start. I’ve never had tubing clink, but I’ve had rate issues.

I vote for checking in the middle of the night also. You don’t want to up your basal until you know for sure that they are not rebounds. If you are dropping low & then going high, adding more insulin is only going to make the problem worse.

Once you know for sure it is not rebounding, then check for DP. My BS starts going up at 5 AM. If that is the case, you can adjust you basal rates to go up a couple hours before the DP starts.

If it is not rebounding or DP, then you just might need a higher basal overnight!

Totally agree! For example, my basal is almost half from 9p-2a @ 0.5, then I hit 1.2 until 6a. I was dropping first and then needed more basal. You’ll get it worked out, you just have to see what’s going on first!

Thanks everyone! You guys are really helpful… I thought maybe I’ve been going low and it has been rebounds, I know for sure I’ve gone low twice overnight, but I always wake up to my lows. How could it be rebounds if I’m not waking up and treating it?

because the liver dumps whether you treat it or not. That’s the sucky part of diabetes and why you really need to avoid lows. Once I get a low I’m just waiting for that horrible rebound. It’s inevitable unfortunately

Very interesting… I was told by my endo a couple weeks ago that if you have lots of lows the stores in your liver haven’t had time to build back up again and that’s part of why lows are particularly bad if you have lots of them. Hopefully 3am tests will help… ughh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya that should help-3am’s not so bad-my nurse has me waking myself at 2am and 5am ugh! Just did it last night! No fun :slight_smile:

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that! twice in the middle of the night sounds horrible… just 3am is bad enough for me because I have to wake up for 6am swim practice. My endo wanted me to keep a journal (carbs eaten, insulin amounts, glucose numbers, and exercise… etc.) but with my lifestyle-- in college, 2 a day swim practice, eating in the caf, no time to do anything but study-- it’s a little hard to keep track of! Luckily the only bad numbers I’m getting are the am ones right now.

  1. Check out a term called “dawn effect”.
  2. I weigh well over 225 and sleep on my tubing. There is no way a petite young lady like your picture could crush the tubing.
  3. Try and clip your pump to the waist band of your sleepwear. This would eliminate for sure the tubing concern.
  4. See if your endo has a CGM you can watch for a week. The Dexcom is great. Keep the diary. The CGM for a week will ID your time for Dawn Effect. I jump 0.75 units per hour between 4AM and 7:30 AM just for Dawn Effect.

Thanks Jay I’ll have to see if I can get a hold of a CGM… that would be really nice.

Dawn Phenomenon is a reality for me too. The most “dramatic” example I saw of it was when i did a BG check right after getting up at 5 AM, and then forgot to bolus. I did a SECOND BG check about 25 minutes later (did not eat anything) and my BG had gone UP 30 points!!!

Even before this surprising example, I’d increased my basal rate at 3 AM to help offset DP.

Good luck…