High bg overnight

I’ve been on the pump now for about 6 weeks and during the day my blood glucose levels have been perfect, but for some reason they skyrocket overnight. My blood sugars will be around 5 or 6 at 10 p.m., but then I wake up with bgs of 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. The last two nights I’ve been getting up every two hours to check, and already at midnight they’re high (10.4, one night, and 15.2!!! last night). I’m really confused, I’ve tried adjusting my basal, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any advice you could give me would be awesome. Thanks so much.

Unless you have a snack at 10 pm and have no meal bolus for it, it is your basal rate that needs to be adjusted. It should go up from 10 pm (since are are already high at midnight) and on. It is not possible to give you a specific advice on how much up without knowing your basal rates and other details. You should discussed it with you doctor.

I agree with what everyone else wrote but I was just told (for my son) that once you change a basal rate to not readjust it for about 2 -3 days because it takes that long for your body to adjust to it. You should also do delays to make sure your basal rates are where they are supposed to be. Not fun but it is helpful to do delays to find out if it is your basal rate or your carb to insulin ration.

Thanks everyone. I will be checking with my doctor on Monday, but yeah I figured it was the basal rate as well.

What about your dinner? And how are your sugars in the morning? If I don’t take a dual-wave or extended bolus for high protein meals (steak, chicken), my sugar will really jump up in the middle of the night, it just takes that long to effect my body. They tend to stay elevated to morning, so you might also look into that. The basal sounds also very reasonable as an explanation. Its good you’re seeing the doctor.

It sounds like your infusion site went bad. Have you changed it? Have you tried to use an injection to lower your BG in the mean time

If the site is bad, or going bad, this is exactly what you will see in BGs.

S,W …now I am confused as well …2 times ( same ??) infusion set going bad at night only and you suggested a bad infusion site ?? Please explain …
As I read New2 pumping discussion, she has not mentioned changing the site …I think it is possible without knowing more details , that it could be more as Emily F/Nancy suggested …the SUPPER meal /carb ratio …however I will not put a bet down on this .The complexity of D.