High numbers at night

I have been having high numbers at night for the past week now. Tonite I will try and do a basal test to see what i can do, but I thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions.

My BG are between 80 and 120 when I go to bed. No snacks before bedtime. When I wake up in the morning my BG is anywhere from 160 - 240. I have adjusted my 2 nighttime basal rates (12 am -3 am of 1.0 units and 3 am -6am of 1.1 units now) and it has not helped at all.

Any suggestions as to what is going on or what I can do to fix this? I have been on the Omnipod since late February and my sugars at night and in the morning have had no issues with being high. And now this.

Thanks for your help
Laramie, WY

Just an afterthought…I am only having these highs at night… The rest of the day my BG is in the normal range.

I’ve been having similar issues but we haven’t found the culprit yet. Could be my dawn pheno has just changed, but I also recently switched my insulin to Apidra from Novolog. I can’t imagine that the brand could be the problem since my day numbers are also fine. I’m thinking of switching back to see if anything changes. I’ve also been on the Omnipod since late February.
Also, this may be a stupid question, but could you be pregnant? When I got pregnant my morning numbers were always high. Just throwing that out there :wink:

That is a possibility, plus I have been having to pee like crazy during the day - never at night though. Usually I could go all day and never have to pee.

Going to check the possibility out tonight, I am not real regular (anywhere from 30-45-60 days), but have been wondering if that could be a possibility for the last week.

I wasn’t on the pump while I was pregnant with my last child, but that was 18 years ago and they always say the memory is the first to go. lol. the only thing I remember about my insulin needs then was that they severely dropped about 4 months in (where I ended up in the emergency room) and then stedidly climbed up and up and up from there.

Anyone else have any ideas???

Thanks! I will let you know what I find out.

My son has this too…not quite figured out yet either but getting better… we just increased his from 4 -10am to 1.8 when the setting before that is a 1.5. It has helped some… a final push during the waking hours.

You haven’t said how much you’ve adjusted, but it could be a case of not adjusting it enough, or you may be chasing a high. You could also be bottoming out during the night and rebounding with a high, so taking more insulin could be counter productive. Time to start setting some alarms to know for sure…but a few nights should tell you what you need to know.

Several years ago, I had high morning readings, which resulted in adjusting my basals up significantly starting at around 3 am, and then they stayed good for over two years, with morning readings between 70-80. Then, I started bottoming out in the morning with 40s and low 50s, so now I’m taking LESS insulin than when I started the up-adjustment almost three years ago. Crazy.

So, it might have nothing to do with the pod at all, and is just one of those “fun” things that happen from time to time.