High BGs around 20 weeks pregnant

Hey all…

I am now 20 weeks pregnant and have noticed for the past few weeks a trend of normal BG for a few days then high BG for the next few days to a week. Typically they were in 200’s and would get up to 300’s once in a while, but controllable. The past few days though have been more like 300’s and 400’s and not going down. I just changed my basal and I:C ratio last night, but today I have been in mid400’s for the past 5 hours. Any suggestions? Should I go to the hospital??? Anyone go through this?

Again, It was more controllable before and lately it’s been more difficult.

Thanks for any input…

Hi Kaayle,
My insulin resistance was pretty similar. Just when I had my numbers under control and my pump settings in line, I would have to readjust! Expect this throughout the entire pregnancy. When I changed my basal rate, my endo told me to give it up to 48 hours to see the difference in numbers. I also experimented with changing my active insulin time and insulin sensitivity. I've changed my pump settings at least twice a month during the pregnancy (now at 34 weeks.) That being said, if you are spiking into the 400 range, I would definitely call your endo (or whoever is helping you manage your diabetes during the pregnancy) as soon as possible. They need to help you adjust your settings more aggressively. You may want to look at your infusion sites too.

Good Luck!

Thanks so much, Jackie, for the response on this… This has helped me tremendously.

Once insulin resistance kicked in, I found I ended up needing to change my basals, I:C and correction factor a lot. Don't be surprised if you end up changing it a couple times a week. By the end of pregnancy I was going through insulin like water, and changing my pump once a day. It was crazy! But it's totally normal for a Type 1 mommy. :) Just be aggressive with those changes, and with correcting highs as soon as possible, and you will be just fine.

Thanks! Makes me feel better and new game plan…