The dreaded phenomenon

So... I'd heard of it, but didn't know the reality of it.
My sugars were always too high.
They are still too high, but better.
Average of say 200 instead of 300.
Eating better. (way less carbs)

here comes the weight gain.
Does this go away?
I've never been really heavy, as I am 5'11" and broad-shouldered... size 8 at my most skinny and anorexic-looking.
But even if 190 and 180 look alot alike on my body, it's still upsetting.

The deal is that when your sugar is over 170,the excess is removed by your kidneys.
When you bring your sugars back into normal range the sugar is used or stored instead.
So all of the sugar you used to pee out is now being stored as fat.

I find this happens when ever I tighten my control too.
When you have tight control and your sugars are not going over the spill point of 170-180 you will be using or storing all the food you eat.

that simply means you are eating too much if you are gaining weight.

You just need to cut down your total volume of calories just like everyone else.
there is no magic pill. Or increase your exercise or both.
That is the inescapable reality that everyone has to deal with.

The odd thing is that a T1 out of control loses weight, and a T2 out of control gains weight. Either way I would rather be a fat T1 than a skinny, blind T1 in a wheelchair with burning pain in my feet that no longer work.

I would like to lose 15 lbs myself, of course I'm tall and you dont notice it unless Im naked, still it bothers me too. Just gotta get back to the gym thing more. the older we get the tougher it gets.

When I was diagnosed I was 6'3 and 155 lbs. I' 6'3 and 200 now. Every couple of years I gain 1 or 2 more :(

200 is a great improvement over 300! It would suggest that you are getting the hang of it? I'd say if you are running into weight gain that you'd want to use the lower amount of carbs as an opportunity to benchmark your ratios and get them exactly where they need to be?

You aren't wearing any clothes in your profile pic!

i assume this is t2.

dawn phenominum is mentioned. have you checked numbers through 12:00 midnight thru
6:00 am. in my case, bg jumped at 3:00 am to 150 and was 238 by 6:00 am.
metformin can help this.

losing weight is very tough when liver leaky and throwing back extra glucose when supposed to be fasting. it can override diet.

lowering carbs and sufficient hearty exercise still very critical to getting under control.

i have been on 1200 calorie diet daily and 2 miles walking for last 4 years. first two years of that period could not lose an ounce and weight climbed to 330. a1c was 13.3

after first 2 years, liver leak and excess glucose release stopped, a1c dropped to 6.4 and lost weight from 330 to 240 and still working lower. Same diet last 2 years same as first 2 years and exercise.

anyways, you need help of good doctor/endo to work your unique situation. I am not doctor and only sharing my situation.

good luck.

T1 according to profile and other posts. I don't think the text suggests dawn phenomenon is the specific issue although that can be a huge relief to fix, although mine is currently broken?

Yes I have 4 different basal rates programmed for night. If I go to bed at a different time It is completely thrown off. I get a large boost about 3 hours before I wake and then another one hour before.

I would put up with weight gain for about 2 seconds.
Try really low carb, really low carb, and decrease the basal and boluses.
I think it took me a long time to reduce the carbs enough. But it's possible, so cheer up! Also, eliminate whatever spikes you. Then later you can bring back really small bits of it.

Yeah, this has happened to me too. And I know it can be frustrating because (as women) we are SO conditioned to wanting to be thin. And those numbers on the scale can mean so much in terms of our self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

BUT, Timmy makes a good point - better to be a heavier T1 with good control than a skinny T1 with all those nasty complications.

But here is also what I have found. When my control has been bad for a long time and then I regain control, I do gain a little weight. BUT, if I can get things stabilized for a significant period of time (at least 6 months or so) and keep my BGs in range for that time, I find that 2 things happen: first, my weight gain stabilizes and stops. Second, I find that I can then LOSE a bit of weight through the normal mechanisms (decreasing my carb intake and exercising a bit more). It works, but you've just gotta get through that point during which you initially gain the weight.

Exercise as much as you can because it will not only help with the weight gain, but will just mentally make you feel better.

And remember that a little extra weight is a small price for keeping your vision, kidney, nerves, etc.

i'm already a skinny blind-ish type 1 with burning feet >_<

wrapped in towel cause i was dying my hair! lol

dawn phenomenon is an issue for me, but since i changed and added another basal at 3 am, i am now waking up around 100 instead of 300.
If i want to go back to sleep I eat a piece of banana or granola bar and wake up around 150 a couple hours later.
my daily carbs are in the 150 neighborhood usually and calories around 1700

already 8 retinal surgeries in and no feeling in my toes for about 7 years. SO, i am not entirely even at the stage of PREVENTING those things, just trying to keep them from getting worse.

blushes I meant Timothy/ Elmo wasn’t wearing any clothes re his “unless I’m not wearing any clothes” comment! LOL


Naked is good naked is natural. My real naked pic would be banned so that is why I use Elmo's naked pic instead. We are weigh less naked anyway.

I average about 70 carbs per day, and have really been watching calorie intake. (Hate to admit this, but I quit smoking last April and have been trying to maintain weight. Unsuccessfully...) Unless you are hyper active, lots of exercise, I think 150 is a lot.

Your BGs of 200-300 are concerning, as well as your complications. You look young. I agree you need a good endo to help sort all the issues out.

When I have big problems, I eat a very specific, controlled carb and calorie (no fat) diet for a week and LOG EVERYTHNG! Then I review, make decisions and changes. It sucks to do it, but the results are amazing.

Take care. And I like naked Elmo!

I agree with the weight thing, I hate gaining 4-5 lbs worth of clothes when I go to the doctor! I always try to find my lightest clothes...

1. I have a good endo, but she's far away and in high demand so I can't see her until July
2. recommended carbs for my height and calories is over 200, so I am comfortable with 150 for now.
3. with the retinopathy, quickly going back into "perfect" numbers would cause my eyes to "weep blood" was the way the minimed rep put it. So we are trying to slowly bring me back into range.
4. I was out of control majorly, like 12+ A1Cs for over 6 years. So again, 200 is a big victory for me. I respect what you are saying, but please also respect that some of us have had it really hard and every step in the right direction counts.

I think you are doing great, and definitely heading in the right direction, Sagwabetes!

I totally understand anxiety about gaining weight as I've lived with that fear all my life. But I do believe I can both control my diabetes and not gain weight; it just takes work.

Carb recommendations by the medical profession are usually much more than what many of us are comfortable with, and basically the less carbs you eat the easier to control both blood sugar and weight.

Keep up the good work!