High blood sugars - what is it?

I have been having steady 200's. Is it due from:

1. incorrect basal rates

2. inactivity

3. excess coffee intake

4. pod sites: back of arms and thighs

5. bipolar medicine (risperdal)

It seems like when I wear my Minimed my sugars are more level. Perhaps there is too much muscle in my thighs and arms?

Would an endo set my basal rates for me, or is it more trail and error?

I've found it interesting that sometimes my BG will at times go to 200 and just STICK there. Bolus sometimes seem to do nothing to budge it from there. Points 2 and 3 seem to be big factors for me I think. Anyway, interesting.

Excess coffee intake?? I have never heard of this affecting BS. Can anyone explain please? Thank you.

I have problems with my legs. I think that is a muscle issue there, for me. Muscle would be an issue for absorption certainly. But it could be a combination of a lot of things. Caffeine spikes some folks. Your medication could be an issue, but if you have always taken it, then, why different now.
Trial and error? YES. An Endo can help you with your basal rates, but you can tweak them too, just don't make too major of a change at once, and give it a few days. Some days, I run higher than others, and I find myself increasing or decreasing my basal as needed, but I have a CGM too. You know, just when you think you've got it figured out, D kind of changes things up on you a bit :)

If you find the answer let me know!:) Mine will be fine and then suddenly skyrocket and like someone said "just stick there" It takes a shock of insulin, sometimes 3 times the normal to un stick it. Most of the time, if it's running consistently high (3 plus days) and I have to triple my insulin to get it to move, it's usually due to a virus or illness that I haven't developed symptoms of yet. I'll usually try taking a lot more insulin through a syringe not my pump, when I'm at home, safe and then watch it very carefully. Sometimes that will un-stick it and it will be fine from then on. It doesn't seem to matter with placement. My stomach seems to be the best for me, specifically my lower right. Love my stomach. It's all very weird.

#3. I have to bolus about 5 carbs/1 cup of coffee.

#2. I have to compensate for unusually high/low activity. For example, my endo told me to try 15g of carb per 45 min of high activity & that turned out to be about right.

#1. & #5. My CDE told me that insurance coverage might be denied if the "standard of care" is not followed. For someone on an insulin pump. I believe that means @ least once every 6 mo appointment with an endo, & pump training/education with a CDE. You can check with your ins. co. to see what they require.
Your endo should be an expert re drug interactions & setting up & adjusting basals.

I hope this might be of some help-good luck.

Hi Cocheze! I would definitely do some basal testing to see if that's what's happening. To me, it's always better if you can get that worked out since it will make a huge difference without you thinking too much about it. Of course, it can also change over time, so keep that in mind!

What my endo will have me do is fast the same time of day two or three times (assuming I start with a normal number) and test several times (I do on the hour for about 4-5 hrs), then I'll send him the numbers. Once you see the numbers, though, you can usually get an idea of what's happening! When you get that basal rate worked out, move on to the next basal setting.

Or if you don't have different basal rates set up for different times of the day, maybe that's something that could help.

Hope that's helpful! Unfortunately, our blood sugar is always a moving target! Let us know what you figure out!

small correction: Stimulate gluconeogenesis in the liver, resulting in glucose release from the liver.

Glycogen only shows up when your BG goes low.