Higher basal rates?

Have any of you who switched from a standard "tubed" pump had a problem with having to increase your basal rates a lot with the OmniPod? I used to have OK basal rates, but now I'm having to up them every few days.

Where are you putting the pods compared to your old infusion site spots? Could it be scar tissue?
In an "ideal" world the pump should function the same, so there should be no need to "up them every few days". But that's not to say there's definitely not something going on (clearly you're having to up them!).
Also, are you eating any new foods or changing the times when you eat? How are you testing the basal accuracy (by fasting BG finger sticks throughout the day? Or something else?). I only ask all of these questions b/c it could be other factors (not just your basal). For example your I:C ratio has changed at a particular meal time. So you bolus for 20g carbs, and it gives you x amount of insulin (like it always has) but now your more insulin resistant during this time (for some reason...hormones? other things?) so what you really need is x+y amount of insulin. So then you go high after that meal (b/c you didn't have enough insulin to cover) but it may appear as though you're just creeping up over time so it's easy to suspect the basal.
Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about the BG roller coaster issues! Hopefully others will chime in here and you can find some answers :)

The pods are being placed where my old sites usually are. I watch my numbers via Dexcom and post-meal checks. Does that help?

Can you supply numbers?

Mine are actually lower than they were when I was on my MiniMed pump. I'm actually using less and less than I was before. I don't always use the 200 units of insulin that can be put into the pump and have to put 150 units.

i would try using other sites, i know when my son overuses his abdomen he tends to run higher esp on day three due to absorption issues and overuse i suspect, his arms run better because they are used less. he has never used a tubed pump to compare, also do you run high after a pod change that is a common issue and we get around it by doing a small bolus based on his bs at the change, with no food and waiting a bit to eat after a change if possible, i hope things settle out. amy