High BS

Hi Everybody.
I just wanted to let you guys know it really dosen’t work to think you know all about what diabetes can do… Me and my big mouth got into it Tuesday night. My pump was malfucting and I thought I knew what to do…Ugh let’s just say I didn’t and the hospital and ambulance ride reminded me of that!!! Ok I think I learned my lesson now! Just wanted to tell you guys that evidently I don’t know as much as I thought I did. HA!

Aww I hope you feel better

Thank you and YES I do. I just read your answer to another qoestion and see you’ve had almost the same problem. I hope your feeling alot better too. Pumps what can I say??? It’s all their fault!! (of course not mine!!! HA)

Yuck! Poor Doris Ann. I hope that you are doing well. It does always seem like we know what’s going on and then diabetes has to show us who’s REALLY in charge and we end up sick. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Hope you are feeling much better.

Yes It does I really hate it when that happens but I can get reminded who’s incharge here really fast and that time it surly wasn’t me!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Scott the one thing I should have remembered in the 1st place was that the tubing can get kinks in it and always listen to what your bg moniter
is saying. Aftyer 4 times with a high reading I should have known that there wasn’t anything wrong with it but my instinks just didn’t pay off that time!!! You will love the pump in the long run some like another guy on here has decided it wasn’t for him and went back to shots,diet, and exercise. I’m really glad he can do that it just didn’t work for me!!! Hias name is Scott too and his last name starts with an S but I’m really not good with that type of thing. I know what his pic is though it’s of a man’s face in what looks like to me cat makeup and fur. Isn’t it just funny the thimgs yoy can and can’t remember? You will do great!!! Don’t get scared of what can go wrong learn your body and it will give you little hintys before bad things happen! I just should have lesoined a little closer!! Ha!

Thank you Mia ALOT!!! But scared myself at that time! Hospitals just give me the feeling that nobody knows what their doing! Thank God for a Dr I’ve had for 23 years and he has learned as much from me as I have from him!!! He lets me do my own adjustments and tells the nurses that I know more about me than he ever will! That just makes me feel great and not so stupid when I know I’m the one that done wrong!!!

Hope you are feeling better! How long were you not receiving insulin (or very little)? Even though I am not the one getting them, I hate site changes. Anything to find another alternative, LOL. Meter malfunction… it’s possible. Has happened to us. Need to keep a spare meter up and running to double-check.

Jan it was 17 hours til I woke up really sick!!! I have the spare mm507 here but at that time just didn’t think of it ! Now how dumb could I be!!! HA!!

I done that before and insisted tat I get more shot needles around the house then like you said fell back into trusting my pump for everything and forgot I had the needles here! That just makes me mad at myself!!! Flustration ran abound last week mainly at myself!!!

Thank you Leslieann. I hope you never have to experance that! I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy! I’m doing alot better now! I just wan to get a vein transplant from one of our lovely wrestlers! My veins don’t look nwhere that good and it’s bad when ICU tells you you must get a port b/c they can’t access one! HA!

Thank you I just couldn’t remember his last name! Nice to know you’ve talked to him before. He’s the only one I’ve ever heard of going back to shots after getting a pump but he says the pump just wasn’t for him and this really is an indiual thing so that may work great for him it just wouldn’t for me. Lrearn more you will! HA!

i was on the pump for about a year and a half then switched back to shots. various reasons. i’m fine with the shots for now… maybe i’ll go back on the pump later on… who knows…

Doris, I hope you feel better now… I had a bad expirence with a insulin pump, the D-tron, But I didn’t want to back to shots So I changed Insulin Pump Company… I haven’t had problems with my insulin pump now! I had it for 2 years…

Oh I’m feeling alot better now. Can I ask you what kinda pump your using now ?(though I probably know anyway!) mY MIND IS ABOUT AS LONG AS A TOOHTPICK! HA! Sorry about that I will get this computer stuff. I’ve been working on that now for about 5 years but still haven’t gotten it! I have always used Mini Med and even after all that still love it!


I just liked the fact that I got more freedom from the pump! I don’t have to eat all the time like I did before and sometimes with no teeth in it helps to be able to do that!!! Dentures what can I say? My gums hurt when I try to eat things without them! HA!! Not used to it! HA!!

i know what you mean doris ann, the pump definitely gave me more freedom with food, but that’s about it. it made me feel constrained by constantly having something attached to me and whenever it would malfunction i would get so angry! so after it broke after a trip i took to miami i ordered a new one and went back on shots then i just got used to doing shots again, then started on lantus. it’s still sitting in the box maybe it’ll come out again… but no time soon. it’s a minimed paradigm.

That’s the same kind I’m on now!!!