High Fasting BS

My highest BS reading of the day is my fasting BS. Any ideas why or what I can do about it?

It's been like this pretty much since diagnosis (once I had got my diet controlled). I have tested at 2am, and my BS is perfectly within range then whether I have a bedtime snack or not. But, in the morning, it can range from 6.5 (117) to 8 (144) or higher during my period.

At the moment I'm trying to compensate for it by not eating a proper breakfast. I start eating little bits of food throughout the morning starting a couple of hours after waking to give my body time to deal with the BS.

I'm treating myself with diet and the occasional Metformin (when I have to eat out or during illness etc). I was taking Metformin regularly but even then I had high fasting BS.

As a T2, I also suffer from high morning numbers. I call it Darn Phenomenon (DP), although it is actually Dawn Phenomenon. My experience is that if I awake with DP, not eating breakfast makes it worse. You might also try taking your metformin at night as a way of timing the dose to help you morning numbers.

Adding basal insulin will help. The support from this insulin will help your residual beta cells to cover the dawn phenomenon. I would recommend to start with one shot of Lantus before going to bed.