High fasting numbers Any ideas?

I’ve been diagnosed since 2003, and read Bernstein, Taubes and Mendosa and so you’d think I’d know about most things, but there are still huge gaps in my knowledge. I take Metformin 500 morning and bedtime, eat a low carb diet, swim and walk miles. I know I’m a dawn phenomenon person, but it doesn’ seem to matter what I do,I still wake up at about 5.5mmol/l (99mg/dl) my range in the mornings is 4.7-6.5 (about 85-115) I know it’s not too bad, but i can’t get it to stay down. I have Starlix, which I can use as I want to so I’m trying to avoid it. I’m also trying to lose weight and that’s been stopped since October. I haven’t gained ( not even over the holidays) ,but am not losing. I am 60, so all this is now harder, I know. I am waiting on my last HbA1c from blood taken last Monday. I still have the bruises! my last eye check in November was good. Those numbers aren’t bad, but i’d like them better. All suggestions gratefully received


I have recently started drinking 3 oz of wine shortly before bed, and it drops my morning reading about 12 mg/dl. Other people have reported similar good results. Here in the U.S. they have started selling wine in four packs of bottles each one glass, so I just pour half a bottle, and I’m set. Red wine is supposedly best, but it doesn’t agree with me so I use a dry white–pinot grigio.

Interesting idea! I’ll try it even though I’m not an alcohol drinker. I’ve no objections to alcohol, just not really fond of it.

Great idea, Jenny,
I’ll try it tonight. I would love to drop that pesky 10 points that I have gained over the last few weeks.

I don’t like wine, so I drink a glass of low carb beer. Micalob Ultra only has 2.6 grams per 12 oz and I have half a bottle shortly before bed with a small bit of cheese.

For whatever it is worth, I had a demonstration recently that HbA1c, at lower readings, is controlled mainly by post prandial blood glucose.

My fasting blood glucose slowly dropped over a year from diagnosis from an average of 6 to 5 and then stayed there.

About a month before my last HbA1c reading my average fasting blood glucose went up to 6 again for the month, possibly due to a cold. The HbA1c taken at the end of that month went down from 5.3 to 5.1. correlating with better post prandial readings I have been seeing.

Probably too soon to draw conclusions but after a glass of wine last night my fasting BG was 84 this AM instead of the 95 that I have been seeing.


It’s probably real. I don’t usually drink alcohol because I seem to be missing an enzyme needed to metabolize it and drinking a whole glass of wine makes me sick. So I discovered this particular effect entirely by accident on New Years Eve when my Sweetie gave me a tiny flute of champagne with which to celebrate.

I drank it at midnight, of course, fell asleep and woke up much lower than I expected. Since champagne isn’t covered by my insurance—though a month’s worth would be cheaper than Byetta-- I started buying those tiny little one serving 4 packs of white wine and drinking 1/2 each night. The later I drink it, the better the fasting number. It works best if I drink it without eating the snack of cheese which I had been taking.

Red wine is better for you if you can drink it, because of the resveratol (sp?) but red wine really doesn’t agree with me.

Interestingly my dad who gave me the bad blood sugar gene used to drink one glass of red wine at dinner every night (he wasn’t much of a drinker otherwise, he did it as a health thing) and it might have played a part in his long lifespan.

Red wine usually gives me a migraine headache, but Imaybe if I buy a better quality and just drink half a glass I’ll be OK. I am planning on making mulled wine because it is so delicious and comforting. Too bad the insurance won’t cover Chateau Neuf du Pape, which I know for a fact will not give me a headache. If this continues, I will cancel my upcoming appointment with the endo and not bother trying a basal insulin.

I tried the dry white wine last night. it mught have had an effect. I was 5.3 (95.4) when I went to bed and 6.0(108) this morning, which is slightly down. As you caan see, my dawn effect is strong. I slept badly last night too.

Well, I had a couple of mornings at 85 but this morning it was back to 99. I realised I was testing upstairs as soon as I woke up to get the 85. This morning I got dressed and by the time I walked downstairs it was up to 99. This seems to be happening in the day too. I will see a reading in the low 80s, not eat anything, and the next time I test I’m at 97-106. Is this a problem with my basal secretion?

The ranges the diabetes educator put me on are: fasting (65-99), pre-meal (65-140), 2 hrs. post meal (65-120).

I have had Type II since Dec. 07. I also have to lose weight. Currently weigh 313. Goal: 200.

What do you eat in the evenings? If you eat a lot of carbs, then glucose will go up. Go low-carb, low glycemic index.

I also take Metformin hcl 500 mg both day and night.

I also seem to be a dawn phenomenon person. I’ve been following a low carb diet (ala Bernstein), but still have high morning readings. I’m Type 1 & recently diagnosed. Am on Lantus & Apidra.

I would like to try Jenny’s suggestion of red wine before bedtime. Would this be safe for a Type 1?

I’d appreciate advice on gaining weight. I’m thin & it’s hard to maintain & gain weight eating 36 carbs a day.


There are loads of ideas on dealing with Dawn Phenomenen, but none is definitive. You just have to try them.

I thought Dawn phenomenon was a type 2 thing!
Gaining weight on 36g carbs is unlikely. the only way is probably to up the insulin and up the carbs to match. Insulin is the Anabolic hormone.
If you have high morning readings, you probably need a bit more Lantus. Do a trial. Use loads of testing to keep safe. Otherwise you might try a bit of body building. Work out with weights and eat loads of protein. A good gym will help guide you.
One glass of red wine isn’t going to hurt anyone, but more might. Remember a hypo looks much like drunkeness to an outsider.

Thank you Flo & Hanna. As a newbie diabetic, I appreciate any advice. I have dawn phenomenon frequently, so I guess it’s a Type 1 issue, too. I have to be careful not to get too much exercise in the morning or it sends my bg sky high.

When I was on higher doses of Lantus, I had evening hypo episodes. Not sure this was due to Lantus, but seems likely because my dinner time Apidra would have been used up.

Looking forward to a glass of wine & cheese before bed.