New A1c Reading

Just got back my new A1c since being diagnosed in 8/08. At diagnosis, A1c was 7.6%. New A1c…drumroll please…6.4%! god bless Metforim, diet and exercise and everyone here. I have never devoured so much information on one website. If I could just get that dawn phenomenon thing under control…



Lois La Rose

Great news! congrats!

Congrats! That is a wonderful accomplishment!

(And I hear ya on the DP!!)

that is GREAT Teresa!!! Congrats and great job!


Thats awesome!!!

Congrats! Great news! Some mentioned a very small snack before bed actually helps with the dawn phenomenon. Try a few nuts or half (or less) of a green apple. See if that might help your morning numbers. Sounds strange, but it triggers your body to produce insulin and some people report that this helps their morning numbers!!

I still think it’s weird that people who should know better (like, say, doctors) ask about your fasting level as if that would tell them something, as if that were the lowest level all day. From the way I am reading, for ever so many of us, the fasting level can be the highest reading all day!

Congrats, Teresa.


You’re feeling much better aren’t you? :slight_smile: I will say this community has helped me feel much better about my diabetes.

Thanks everyone for your replies and kind words. It really hits home what a supporting community this is, especially when I’ve been telling my family about the drop in numbers and they have no clue what an H1c even is. Only my husband understood and that’s because he’s been getting educated along with me. I definitely feel better knowing that I was able to lower my numbers. It gives me confidence to keep on the track I’m on to get tighter control.

Kristen–I’m going to try you suggestion about the nuts before bed and see what happens. Thanks for the idea.

Ellie–I agree on the fasting number. When I was first diagnosed, I remember my fixation with the fasting number and how quickly I realized that it’s only a small part of the puzzle.

Happy for you! Way to go! Know you’ve worked hard to get there.

Can relate to the DP. Hold my breath taking the first reading of the day. Having a high protein snack right before bed has been helping me lately. A small piece of cheese, some nuts has done the trick.

I recently started on 3 doses 850mg of metformin daily, and I take one of them when I wake up for the bathroom, invariably between about 3-5 AM, and that has helped my morning numbers.

Good job, Teresa…I love these stories. Diet and exercise rocks!

Hi Teresa:

You did a great job getting your A1C down! You deserve most of the credit, and not the metformin, because the 6.4 shows that you are not spiking, over eating, etc. My doctor explained that the A1C is the measure that “keeps us honest” because it reveals if one is over eating, causing thier blood sugar to spike, etc., and still showing acceptable numbers when testing before meals.

Awesome! Keep it up!


Thanks for the support. I still feel I must give metforim alot of credit also. I was not able to lose weight prior to starting metforim. I think one reason I’ve had success with it is because my line of reasoning is using the metforim as a tool rather than looking for it to alone control my sugar levels. I appreciate the kind words.

I would never have thought about dividing the metforim into 3 doses rather than 2. It makes alot of sense taking it between 3-5am to help those morning numbers.