High Fat meals and the Extend Feature

How long do you usually extend for to cover a high fat meal? I had an issue last night where I went out to dinner and although I knew it was high carb I failed to look at the fat content in the online nutritional data because it didn't seem like it would be high. After two hours of low blood sugars that would not rise I looked it up and the meal had 36 grams of fat! I contacted the on call doc (I am also in early pregnancy and starting throwing up my glucose tabs) and was able to regulate about an hour later and then battled highs until about 5am. Finally my sugar is back to normal. In the event that I eat a high fat meal again I just wanted to know how long I should extend for. I know it is trial and error so I am more just loking for your ideas. Thanks.

What I have always done, roughly, is this. Always a 50/50 split for carbs (any correction for BG should go in immediately obviously). Then 3 hrs for 10g fat - 14g, 3.5 hrs for 15g - 19g, and 4 hrs for 20g to eternity.

Obviously everyone is different, but I think these are good starting points.

I've always hated the "Pizza effect" with my Diabetes (40 years...) When I was on MDI it was extremely difficult to manage. I'd sometimes have a big insulin reaction an hour after eating pizza, then terrible highs by morning.

I think markeezy's ratio is good, but might need to be tweeked for each individual so approach this with caution and be ready to adjust.

Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm also pregnant with my #2 :)

While pregnant with #1, I found that I digested slower. I had to extend longer. Don't know if it's true for every pregnant lady or just with my first?

Anyway, I "usually" (read: when not pregnant) take all my carbs up front and then TAG for the fat and protein at 40% for protein and 10% for fat, extending for 2 or 3 hours.

But like I said, when pregnant I digested slower and took 75% of my carbs up front and then extended the remaining 25% as well as the % of fat and protein.

Again, we are all so different. Good luck in tweaking it! Let us know what you find works out for you :)