High Numbers with First Pod

I have been having some high numbers with my first pod, although it might be because I haven't exercised today. Nonetheless, my last reading was 359 after having only a turkey sandwich for lunch. I went ahead and changed my pod, which was on the back of my left arm. The bottom tape touched the outside area of my arm pit. Yesterday, I bumped it at work and felt a bit of a sting. My thought is that it dislodged or bent the cannula a bit, although it look fine after I took it off. Additionally, do you have to have the PDM near the pod during the entire bolus process, or just at the beginning? Everytime I have been blousing, I let it start then walk away. Anyway, right now I have it in my right thigh, there is some good subq tissue there. I will check it in about two hours. Thanks, all.

As soon as I hear the beep that the bolus has started, I walk away. Did you have any lower readings at all or has it steadily increased? My understanding is that if numbers don’t decline, it’s probably an occlusion.

That sucks in general. Hope this placement works better.

Or maybe not an occlusion but a bad absorption spot. There are some sites that just don't work for me. Good luck!

I found there was a little lag from the long-term insulin ending to the new basal starting when I first started too. And my second pod I ended up tearing off when going hiking my first weekend. It's all good though, it gets better! And you're right, the pdm only needs to be by the pod on basal start, you can walk away :)

Lots of variables that make it incredibly hard to actually pinpoint what the issue would be. Which is frustrating, but like Cat suggested bad absorption has proven to be the biggest cause of my weird blood sugars on the pod. Just keep trying new spots till you find what works for you!

The second cause of my weird blood sugars is not exercising, so I’m right there with you :slight_smile:

A bit late on the reply but it sounds like a bad location. It happens occasionally with me and the only thing to do is change pods and move it to new site.

As others have said, once you ht the button to start your bolus, if everything starts fine, you can go about your business without having to stay near the PDM.

The first thing that popped into my mind was, "Are your basal rates correct?" I think you were on a different pump before. Is it possible that the basal rates need to be altered? Are you using different sites than before and getting weird absorption? Hope the next few days have been a bit lower :)