New member have question

Hi All, Just joined this site. Have used the pod since 06. I have had a recent problem . When putting on a new pod the first bolus is like it never happened, getting very high BG’s then takes quite a while to under coltrol then ok till next new pod then same thing. Been going on for awhile through different lots ect. Spoke to insulet at length, they told me that this problem was mostly in children, only some adults and they think its something physical going on with the person and not the pod. Im not buying in to that explanation yet. Want to know how many if anybody is having this problem. Please keep in mind Im a very experienced pod user. Thank you hope to hear from u

Hey. You’re not alone, this happens to me. I know this sounds weird, but this is the only thing I can think of. My explanation is that the body has to recognize to use the insulin from the new site and not the old. Other than that, it may be that the pod isn’t fully primed when they say that it is. Since Insulet does a lot of research and should know how much insulin it takes to prime, I would hope this wouldn’t be the case. Not to mention this happens with some people, but not others.

I agree w/ FyerKrackr. I do not have it occur every time, but occasionally after a pod change I have to give a ‘jumpstart’ bolus that tells my body “alright, insulin is still here, it’s just coming from some place new”. I often notice it most when I change from arms to back or back to arms, but not really at all from arm to arm or left side back to right side back. I don’t know if that is really a factual way to think of it, but it seems to work for me.

I used to have this problem. What I do is bolus 1 or 2 units before changing pod depending my BG before the change.

I’ve been using my pod since March, haven’t had this issue but my CDE said when I started a new pod to put it on, but before hitting start to insert the catheter to pinch up my skin under the pod like you would if you were to give a shot to yourself. Wonder if this could make a difference if the catheter wasn’t lodged in your (wherever you put the pod) correctly??
Just a thought.

I started about 2 weeks ago…I had one pod change this week where I expereienced high BGs for the next 3 hours then it dropped to normal level. My CDE says to eat a small snack & bolus to test the pod after a change.

OK…this idea of the body learning the new location doesnt make sense from a medical standpoint. How would this explain MDI, when injections are rotated all over? Assuming this is true, what youre saying is, when first connected, you could inject 3u (or whatever) and the body just…doesnt absorb it? What am I missing here…

I usually give myself 2 or 3 extra units of Humalog after a pod change. Or something else that works ok for me is to run a temp basal +50% for 3 hours. Either one works for me, but your mileage may vary (ymmv). I’ve been doing this since 12-2008.

I do the same as Mayumi, except I do both an increased temp basal AND a 1-1.5 unit bolus when putting a new pod on my inner-thigh. With other sites don’t have such a problem. For example, using the backs of my arms doesn’t require a temp basal nor an extra bolus; my lower back/butt seen to work OK with just the temp basal increase.
My CDE/Insulet trainer also told me he hears of this sometimes; my endo had no explanation 6 months ago, but I see him again today and plan to ask him about it in more detail this time. CDE re-iterated that it was important to get any large bubbles out of the syringe before filling the pod and to let the insulin come to room temperature before filling the pod. The room-temp thing I had forgotten and actually does seem to make some difference (that might just be my imagination, of course).

Thank you all for replying to my question. I knew I wasnt alone with this problem. I know that insulet is aware of this but are acting like it is no big deal. They are are acting like they dont get to many complaints about this. Im not buing this either. If you have this problem please tell them about it . Quality control only addresses issues with sufficent complaints. Thanks for your help. If I can help anyone I’d be more than happy.

Although I agree that customers should always voice their concerns and problems, I really don’t think this is a “quality control” issue. I think it is simple a matter of the infinite variability when it comes to the human physiology. Each body is different and on top of that an individual body does’t always behave in a consistent manner.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I seriously doubt this is something Insulet is ignoring or trying to avoid, but rather variability inherent in the science. I’ve read that other pump users sometimes experience the similar issues when changing infusion sites, so there’s no reason for me to think this is specific to oPod in any way.

I have been using the opods for 3 months. I always put 175 units of Apedra in the reservoir. When I activate the pod I know for the first 3 hours it is like no insulin is going in. This is true for me 99% of the time. I really wonder if the priming is being done correctly since it seems at first no insulin is infusing. I have seen people’s suggestions, thank you. Does anyone else think it may have something to do with the reservoir not being full? Thanks

I am on my second year with the Pod. I can honestly say I have never had this problem. Maybe I am lucky…I do know that when I am starting a new pod, and it is inserting, I do apply mild pressure to the pod while it is inserting. Don’t know why I do that, but it seems to work!

These “startup occlusions” are my #1 concern about using Omnipod vs other pump. It’s baffling. I know the less fat at your site, the more Insulet would say to pinch up the skin when putting in a new pod, so from this I wonder if these occlusions are caused by the cannula residing more in muscle than fat? Insulet’s inability or unwillingness to state the cause of the problem is troubling.

No, I doubt the amount of insulin in the reservoir has anything to do with it. I always use 125 units and only see this issue on certain sites (mostly the inner thighs); other sites don’t have the problem at all.

I have done some fine tuning and believe I have the answer. I try to change when my BG is relatively normal and am not going to eat soon. I take 3 units as a shot after attaching the new pod. I have increased my IC ratio and feel that everything is better. I am also using the low back below the waist of pants and putting the pos on horizontally, pinching up with insertion and feel that I am getting excellent absorption in these sites. Hope this fix is permanent but know that few things rarely are permanent fixes, so will be open to any other ideas