High protein diet for T2 diabetics

I just saw this report on high protein diets for T2 diabetics:

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This is one of those places where my diabetes and my fibromyalgia work together. So the fibromyalgia came along in the mid-90s, the D in 2007. I struggled for nearly a decade trying to figure out how to deal with the fibromyalgia. When, after a lot of study, I began to lower my carb intake to deal with diabetes, many things about fibromyalgia improved. Especially the high protein changes I made were immensely helpful. Most of my carbs are at lunch now and dinner is almost pure protein—maybe a couple slices of sweet red pepper with the meat or cheese.

I do not claim to understand all the mechanisms in the body, but I find it interesting that, in at least this piece of my life, the same approach works for two chronic difficulties—whew!..


…Judith, I don’t suppose I eat high protein, I try to have my main meal at lunchtime and for my evening meal I will often have a salad with either meat or fish. But I am very relieved to see that a high protein diet does not harm one. You get such doom and gloom about low carb diets from mainstream dietitians and doctors, that sometimes I get a bit worried.
I’m glad you have managed to sort your diet out to suite your body. I saw part of a programme on tv the other day where they said low carb helps lower blood pressure as well as being a better choice for everyone.

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My BP is generally in the ok range–except for extreme white coat hypertension–which is why I bought a home BP monitor a few years back–hehe…I’ve never felt like a single reading in the doc’s office every 3 months could tell one anything useful…

I like the big meal at lunch, too. Just feels better…Blessings…

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It depends on how much and what type. Too much protein can be bad for the kidneys, and some foods high in protein are high in saturated fat so could raise the risk of heart disease. I am not an expert but I was using whey protein as well as eating a high protein diet when I was trying to gain muscle weight, and my doctor warned me about those two things.

A) If you have no kidney problems, there is no downside to eating protein… Proteins do not CAUSE kidney problems.
B) Today we know that saturated fat does not raise the risk of heart disease. Google this for many studies and reports. In fact, saturated fats RAISE HDL, and low HDL is the single most crucial predictor for heart disease.
c) Eating low carb is not high protein. Eat moderate protein, and high fat.

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