High Reading

Okay, not a really high reading (142 2hrs after eating) but my highest so far. Which made me wonder, what do I do when it is high? I’m not on medication so there’s not a pill I can pop. I know what to do with it is low, but not high. Suggestions?

Exercise! :slight_smile: It’s what I do… I don’t take any pills, or insulin… so it’s my big weapon.

Oh! Duh. That’s right. It does lower it.

Watching closer to what you eat and what set off that high reading . Just because you may think it is low carb may be a food that sets you off. As mentioned exercise too.

Take a walk and push water/fluids.

I looked at what I had for the previous meal. On a rebellious impulse, I’d added a biscuit with jelly. That’ll teach me!

I sat still and drank some water and tested in an hour. It was down to 135 and I felt better.

I can’t walk very far but I do have a pedal machine. I will use that the next time this happens.

Thanks for all the advice!

As others have said do some exercising, but really 142 is close enough to be in range two hours after a meal.

Yeah, the number wasn’t worrisome high, but it was my highest so far. And that made me realize I didn’t know what to do should it go higher.

I like the idea of the green tea! Does the chilled make a difference or just is your preference?