High sugars...basal insulin not working?

my sugars have been running high the past couple of weeks. it doesn’t seem related to any sort of dietary change, or abnormal stress levels. i just tossed my last bottle of novolog, as i thought that might be the culprit. it has been a day and a half and nothing seems to be changing. i am wondering about my lantus…though i just opened it not but a week or so ago. i prefer to test one variable at a time so will not needle into another bottle of lantus quite yet and thought i would toss out some words and invite any opinions, feedback, etc…

curious about what patterns would be like if the bolus insulin is fine and the basal is not…when would sugars most commonly sky rocket with this pattern? to me, still newer, it seems fairly (i say that with openness to the unpredictable) obvious what the reversal would be…bad bolus good basal.

for now, baffled and dappling in again in the life lessons of calm and letting go.

ever kindly.

If it’s your basal, you can test it by fasting for a meal. If you’re fasting, then you won’t be needing to inject a bolus. This will take out the other factors in this test.

When fasting, your BG should be stable. The first meal I skipped was lunch because it was right in the center of the day. I used to inject Levemir (same thing as Lantus) at nighttime. When I skipped lunch, things seemed fine… but later in the afternoon, my BG would go up for no reason. Turned out Levemir only lasted for 20 or 21 hours in my body instead of the listed 24 hours. Which meant that for the last 3 or 4 hours before my nighttime basal injection, I didn’t have ANY background insulin in my body at all. Which explained my sudden highs at night.

I ended up splitting my Levemir into two dosages. I WAS taking 44 units at night. After 2 months of tweaking, I’ve settled on 30 units at nighttime (11:00pm) and 28 units at 11:00am- which totals 58 units total. I’m under a lot better control (thought still not perfect)

I’m not a doctor. Just a recommendation from a fellow Type 1.

thanks. i appreciate your response. i take my lanuts in two injections per recommendation and that seems to be working well…most of the time. i’m glad you have figured out what works for you…and i’m not sure there is a “perfect” eh…

and as for the fasting recommendation, i can try that. i’m more of a munch all day gal not a set meal/shot gal so i’ll have to think about how this experiment would work best for me.

take care.

I recently had to up my basal dosage. The highs I was seeing because my basal was too low were everything other than the post-prandial: Fasting, before meals and bedtime. That information was sufficient for me to make the needed adjustment which I did a unit at the time. I did it a bit too quickly and ended up having to go up and then back down. At the advice of someone on here I tried again keeping each one unit increase for 2-3 days before going up and I am now at the right level (I went from 10 to 13 but also split the dose at the same time as I was seeing highs at bedtime and thought the one dose wasn’t lasting 24 hours, so it took me awhile to get the balance correct. I now take 8 in the morning and 5 at night and it works great).