High sugars make real moody and sometimes i cant control it

Hola everyone,
I have been type 1 diabetic since i was 13 years old. But recently i’ve notice that i am real moody. Especially when my sugar is high… Just wondering if its just me. Sometimes I can’t control it and it scares me with my little ones. I know keeping my sugar under control will help me but what other advice can i get?? Any other ideas… thanks…

Hi Nancy
The very best thng when you notice the moodiness and blood sugars are too high is to first control them. The next thing to do is use little post it notes over the house to remind you to do a personal check every so often. Especially if you have litle ones in the house. you want to be on top of things. When you have little notes around, every time you see one you can tell yourself you are in control. After a while this should help to boost your self confidence so that you know you really can manage things. Keep reminding yourself that you can do this and remind yourself that we are all with you. When you need a boost, just come back on here and talk to someone. There is usually someone on here about all the time and a hug will usualy always be avaiable. We are all here for each other, so never feel bad at needing somethng. When you see the notes, ask yourself do I need a few extra deep breaths, do i need to stop and step back a minute and take a better look at somethng. Ask yourself what you need. If it is a cookie, go for it. If it is somethng emotional, do the same thing. Another thing is look up. There may be sunshine you missed today or a beautiful smile someone gave you. There may have been a “Mommy I love you” in there somewhere. If not, one of us can tell you. The whole point is Nancy, you are not alone You have a huge family here that can help. We are only as far away as your computer. I hope these thoughts help. A big hug to you right now.
Blessings be to you.

Aggressive behavior is actually one of the documented symptoms of high blood sugar. I was diagnosed at age 10 and have always been intensely aggressive and looking for an argument when my blood sugar is high.

My husband and I have little ways we deal with it. I have to tell him that I’m high and he knows to ignore my attempts to escalate an argument. If I can’t escalate it, I stew for a minute and then become more self-aware and change my focus. Helps me a lot to take a minute out. When I’m high, sometimes I will be so intensely focused on a task that I don’t stop to check or correct or even notice the high. And that sucks because I stay high longer. I know for a fact that I can remain calm in front of my students when I’m high though, so I try to grant my family and friends that same restraint - and then sometimes I snap anyway, dang it. :slight_smile:

As for controlling those sugar peaks better, my best advice is always to experiment with taking your insulin earlier before the meal and to check after meals at 1 and 2 hours.

im always cranky when my numbers are wacky…the best way for me to get control is with excercise but then again i have crappy control myself so take that with a grain of salt i guess…

I get the exact same way. I am a horrible person to be around with high bloodsugars. The first thing I do when I’m really in a bad mood is test, and once I figure that out, and give myself insulin, I set an alarm (on my pump) to test in 45 minutes, then do my best to forget about it until that alarm goes off. The best and hardest thing you can do is recognize that you are feeling this way because of your blood sugar, it isn’t you. It takes practice, but after doing this for a few episodes, it gets easier. If I am around anyone, I will tell them my blood sugar is high and I’m not feeling well.

If I can, I watch a movie I like, or read, or go window shopping. I try to escape reality until the feeling fades. Usually, once my alarm goes off, my sugars are on their way down, and I’m paying attention to something I like. Or, if I’m in a situation where I can’t do that, but I can go online for a few minutes, I look at Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts–funny, stupid ways to get your mind off of it.

Of course, you can always rant your frustrations here!

Oh, and one other thing–maybe in your spare time, if you don’t already have one, take up a hobby that requires discipline and self control. Since I started rock climbing, I’ve been able to control my diabetes-related outbursts much better.

I get moody when my blood sugars are doing anything wild. But I am very moody when my blood sugars are high. But mostly cause I feel bad.
One way you might try dealing with the moodiness is by just removing yourself when you feel yourself starting to loose it. I know that’s not always possible, but if it is, then walk away.
Also, if your kids are really little, then you might try making a game of exercising (walking around the house, running up and down stairs, etc) that will involve the kids but also help bring your blood sugars down at the same time.

I heard you, Nancy.

The day before I got diagnosed with diabetes, I was way too cranky that I was practically screaming at my team leader on the calling floor, and my supervisor could barely calm me down (FYI, my initial FBS reading was 238 mg/dl…yikes!). Moving forward, what I do is, well, prevent highs from getting too “high” (above 200). Also, I let everyone know that if I get too cranky that I just have a “high”. Good thing about my friends, that scream back “CHECK YOUR SUGAR!” when I am turning wacko.

Drinking lots of water helps, too. It can flush out the excess water ( by way of urine), and drinking cool water can help you calm down, diabetic or not…

zoloft works for me.