Sometimes when I’m high or low i get really moody. My mom always TRIESto help but it doesnt always help. Then I get mad then she gets mad then i get in trouble then have bad luck all the time. Can anyone give me advise?

Highs and lows really can do a number on your emotions. I know I’ve been in that place a time or two when I’ve been ready to rip a loved one’s cranium right off, but usually I realise that I’m going overboard, and I need to check my sugars.

My advise? Test, test, test. If you test often, and consider what you’re eating and how much insulin you’re taking, you’ll catch onto what works well and what you can do better. As you get better control of your sugars, you’ll have an easier time with your moods. And the very best advise I can give is to be kind to yourself, and don’t be afraid to let folks who love you know when you’re having a difficult time. Let them love you.

I agree with Maureen but would also remind you of the power of a hug and an apology…you may find you get a lot of those back too. I can imagine your mom feels just as bad for getting mad. Maybe you should encourage her to join TuDiabetes…I’m sure she has days when she feels helpless also~ hang in there and keep the lines of communication open with your mom. You may be surprised!
Here’s a HUG to get you started :slight_smile:

I agree w/ Maureen and Kristy. When I am low I get upset and that’s when tell myself to check my bg’s or my husband tells me to check my bg’s. The best thing to do is say sorry, try not to say anything hurtful…you can’t take words back… and check your bg’s…