Highs and changing basal rates

All the sudden the past week I’ve been high no matter what I did, even after correction boluses. The first day thought it was stress b/c I had eye surgery but we are coming up on six days and no change.
I up’ed all my basal rates by .5 and now seem to be doing better but I don’t understand the sudden need for more insulin.
This isn’t due to pod placement either, that much I have ruled out and my weight is the same as it has been for awhile now. Just confused, wondering if anyone else has had the same issue??
Thanks Everyone!!

Hummmmm, I kind of know what you mean. My mornings #'s hagh gone up recently and I am still trying to adjust it. Not sure shy they are up. I guess I am jus older.

Have you tried using a different bottle of insulin? Sometimes a bottle can go bad and become less effective (or not effective at all).

I just got a new bottle today, have to change my pod tonight so we’ll see what happens!

i’ve been feeling like that lately, too! the past 2 days i feel i’ve just been creeping up…ugh! and i changed my pod lastnight…not sure what’s going on…