Highs, how can you tell

I don't know how I feel with a high reading, my highest high is still less than 200. I know how I feel with a low but I don't know what a high feels like.

I've never been able to tell when I have a high without checking with my meter. When I was first diagnosed, I assumed I was having a low when at a meeting. Like a fool, I ate an apple--then tested. Had to leave the meeting and speed walk around a couple of blocks to get it back down. Now I test.


You test with your meter !!!!!!

I understand that testing with the meter would be best, I was just trying to find out if there is any other way, like an early warning sign. Like if you are driving or somewhere without your meter. I work in a large factory that has several manufacturing plants on site and I have to go to other plants onsite and I don’t carry my meter with me it stays in my bag in my office.

Other than testing with your meter or using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) it is hard to tell. An hour after eating should be at 140 and 2 hours at 120. Unless you go much higher you won't know. Sometimes a person will feel tired or sleepy but than can happen even without your blood sugar spiking. Can you carry your meter with you? Honestly the only way to tell if you are within range is to test.

Wooh. That is low. I've been told 160 two hours after eating is fine--even 180 does not upset my endo.

The biggest problem with going high is that your blood sugar may drop suddenly and then you have a real problem. Carry some hard candy mints with you. I get mine at Walmart and each has five grams of carb. Inexpensive. I put them in my car, my pocket, my purse. Everywhere. They work. I do not eat them. I let them dissolve in my mouth. Works better.

if im maintaining 110 to 200 all day is that good cause i used to be 400 to 550 and higer im not eating bad anymore just veggies and turkey chicken and sea food

egg whites in the morning i still have to take some meds but not much

I fall asleep when I'm high. I have DP and if I'm groggy when I wake up, my meter will confirm the high.


The AACE (The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) guidelines are: A1C <6.5, Fasting <99, Post Prandial @ 1 hr. <140, Post Prandial @ 2 hr. < 120.

When I start yawning before noon, I know I'm going low. Funny who different diabetes lows and highs can affect you. I always check with my meter.

I find at 240 I get nauseous at 299 I get real sleepy and any higher I start sweating and get very hot and may get confused just like low bs. But I usually test at the first sign of nausea. Always check before and after meals as directed but look out for subtle symptoms and if in question always test. My lows are always the same, get shakey break out in cold sweat after that get confused.

When my BG gets over about 175, I start getting sleepy. Also, I started having problems with my eyes drying. I notice this is worse when my BG is high.