History of Diabetes


I have been doing a little research to find out how long the big D has been harassing the human race. So far I've it traced back to the Egyptians. During their time diabetics simply starved to death, in short order.

Recently I came across a women who is 98 years old and has had the big D almost all of that time. She unfortunately is blind and has other issues with nerve problems. Although she gets around pretty good and is right on the ball with current events.

The interesting part is she was telling me how they dealt with the big D in the 20s and 30s. Seems there wasn't much that could be done until the first insulins came along. When the insulin became available they had to have "glass works", which are needles that you had to keep on sterilzing each time they were used. Plus the insulin was cooked from a pig's pancreaous. She said the hardest part was the needles......they were used over and over and would ger dull pretty quick.....OUCH!

After hearing this I went home and got out my old pumps 3 , testers 9 and said a short prayer about how lucky we are to have all the tools we have now.......I don't think I am still over feeling how darned lucky I am to have diatetes and be alive now.

God bless,