Pre- 1960's diabetes photo's

Old bottle of insulin (I do not know what year it is from)

Around 1922 , just after discovery of insulin .

Hey, Mark, awesome photo. It’s cool to see diabetes in retro look.

There’s a frontal shot of this same girl (with some piece of paper covering her privates, of course). I’ll see if I can post the one I’ve got. I’m a little slow when it comes to technology. Also here are a few cool books I have read on diabetes with its history: The Discovery of Insulin; Bittersweet. Both books go into the starvation treatment of diabetes. It’s a very haunting look at the disease. They have some interesting photographs.

Here’s a before/after shot circa 1922.

Dr. Frederick Grant Banting created the first insulin that was in the summer of 1921 so to him!!

I met Dr. EPJ (as he liked to be called) in 1959 at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. I will post a photo of the authographed book I have. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 4 years old. It was 15 month after being dx’d. Any one here go to the Joslin camp in Charleton?, MA. I was there in 1965.
Have you looked at my photo"s???

Okay those are so great photos! I mean wow you look at all the pics everyone has posted and it is amazing how far our treatments have come and with less pain then back then. those needles scare the heck out of me thank you B-D for bumping up the standard to smaller needles and less pain. gosh I feel so lucky to be alive today then at that time

Here are some of the carry cases for the insulin vials and my urine test kit and a well used glass u-80 syringe.
6404-Urinetestkit.JPG (31.9 KB)
6405-plasticcasestoprotectinsulinvialswhiletraveling…JPG (34.8 KB)
6406-wellusedu80glasssyringe.JPG (38.5 KB)

Way cool pics you are really in the knowing of older stuff for diabetes not that you are old but you have great pics.


Dr Banting…we love you xxx

Thanks Danny for helping to get the photo’s here.The quiz was on the CDA"s National website at the Associations 50 th Anniversary, 2003 .

Here are a few more pics
6402-JoslinDiabeticManual (37.9 KB)
6403-AutographedbyEPJ101959 (25.7 KB)

A couple more
6400-50YearMedal (35.4 KB)
6401-50YearMedalbackside (35.6 KB)

You’ll get there

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!!! You made the road a little easier for me in 1973!!!

Oh my, that is unbelievable.

Thank you dear friends Franca and Danny to get the photo’s here .
Description tag says : " The skill is in the instrument " …I really prefer taking a disposable needle out of the cupboard …me PROMISE to me : NO more complaints about how hard it is living with diabetes , 2010 .
PS …Dr. John Hunt ,was the first Medical Director at Kakhamela Children’s Diabetes Camp in BC, Canada . The camp is called after him . Kakamela is a local First Nations word, meaning " the hunt "

Okay that scares me way more then even my CGM needle lol this is why I am so happy to be here today instead of then those who set the road before us were some tuff cookies!!