Hitch in my Victoza results

On Wednesday I had my weight checked and several blood tests done prior to my appointment with the diabetec specialist on the 27th,first shock I have put on 5 lbs over the past 6 months and I thought I was doing to well 17 stome 3 last Novemberish

and my blood sugars in over the past 5 weeks have been high 13.6 at one time mind you had gout 2 bouts cold and low blood pressure not sure if any of those contributed to my rise in sugars,not been able to exercise at all and had one or two hypos as well,not sure if the victoza is wearing off my insulin does not seem to help at all, but some great news on Tuesday our grandson Harry arrived 8lbs 1oz so we are over the Moon, see what happens on the 27th with my review with the diabetec specialist kinda down at the moment

Hi Twiddle,
Thank you for inviting me to be your friend. I am sorry to hear your news. I bet the gout raised your bg and maybe you are swollen (weight gain.) Sure do hope you get better news soon. Congrats on your new grandson! Lots of new life around me in May.