New to TuDiabetes and Victoza

Hello to any who read this! I hope to get and give support on this site and was so happy to find it!

I was diagnosed ("sort of")in 2006. My Dr at the time said I had trouble processing sugar based on the Glucose Tolerance test she did. She put me on 500 mg Metformin and a suggested diet. Since that time I was in denial for probably 4 years until this last year where my BG has slowly spiraled up with FBS being generally over 130 and as high as 160.
I never have taken the metformin like prescribed, but did try time and again with diet control, which worked like a charm, except for the fact that I wasn't consistant with it. I am not heavy weighing 152 at this time. I have lost around 15 lbs over the last 4 years and have mainly kept it off.

I recently saw a Endochronoligist. He talked to me all of 5 min or less and handed me a sample pen of Victoza. I was upset but took it home and did my own research. I then found someone I knew that has been on V for 9 months and has had great control of her BS and has lost 85 lbs. She helped me greatly by sharing her own experience with V and I then started it on 6-4-12. I have had virtually no side effects except for a grumbly stomach. Not sure it that isn't from the Metormin 500 mg I take in the evening or not.

Anyhow, I am a 55 yr old mother of 5, all grown. Three still live at home but are good "kids" so I don't mind. They will move on soon enough. I homeschooled them so I am used to having them around and they work so I don't have them in my face all the time!

I am married to a great man for 25 years and counting!

Well enough already! Looking forward to making friends here!
Lisa in IN

Good luck with that Victoza. for some, it works beautifully. For others, including me, it was a source for all kinds of side effects, including one of the most nasty flu-like symptoms I have ever experienced. I hope it works better for you than it did for me. Insulin is the answer when other meds fail.