Hold Tight or Open Up?

Another bit of wisdom from Oswald Chambers gave me choices to think about last week. He centered his thoughts on the example of David’s decision not to drink the water that had been brought to him by men who risked their lives to get it. David, instead poured the water out while talking to God, expressing his thankfulness to God for giving him such men who would risk their very lives for him. The fact of his extreme thirst was not enough to make him take the blessing of the water and own it for himself. Then, Chambers issues the following challenge:

What has been like “water from the well of Bethlehem” to you recently— love, friendship, or maybe some spiritual blessing ( 2 Samuel 23:16 )? Have you taken whatever it may be, even at the risk of damaging your own soul, simply to satisfy yourself? If you have, then you cannot pour it out “to the Lord.” You can never set apart for God something that you desire for yourself to achieve your own satisfaction. If you try to satisfy yourself with a blessing from God, it will corrupt you. You must sacrifice it, pouring it out to God— something that your common sense says is an absurd waste.

How can I keep from holding so tightly to the blessings God gives me? How can I instead turn them into blessings to other people? What would be the impact if I did this always? Maybe it’s time to start finding out in some new areas?