Holding on to a dream

Ever since 4 years ago, when I found out that I was diabetic, I knew that I had to stop walking around bare footed showing off my pretty feet and a sense of nature going thru me. I loved it, but before being diagnoised I noticed that my feet were getting dry and needed more lotion than usual.

Being with Jboy for over 4 years at the time, I visioned my wedding of me wearing a Virgin Mary type cloth wedding gown and walking at my reception bare footed at a huge inside and outside gathering with lots of gazebos, little makeshift water ponds and waterfalls, lots of little white lights around the trees and the gazebos, lots of beautiful flowers and most of all alot of candles everywhere.

Than the big toes got infected with fungus, the nails were awful looking and I cried. I cried because I had always took care on my feet and was proud. Finally a doctor gave me a prescription to get rid of the fungus but that I had to be under close observation of my liver and kidneys. The only thing is only one toenail came off and grew another toenail, much to my benefit but after a year of enjoying my new toenail it started to grow inwards in my skin.

Like a glass suck in your skin is how it felt. I went to the doctor Sunday to the afterhours care, the doctor referred me to the foot doctor which I saw today at 9:30 in the morn. He is a young doctor but very good, he took one look at my foot and quickly saw what was bothering me. He did a procedure to numb my big toe than he manuver the procedure to remove the ingrown nail. He is the one who expressed the impression of a glass in the skin is what it looked like to him.

He said that it’s the little problems of the feet that become huge problems like amputations of the foot because of a small infection that could of been taken care of in a quick manner. He was concern because I was anxcious in the beginning and after the procedure was done I was light headed. He said he had some orange juice on hand because he knows that being anxcious can cause the blood sugars to go down. I was on my way with my blood sugars in control.

I’m still holding on to the dream of just one day at least to walk bare footed for that to be my wedding day. Jboy and I been together for 9 years now and we been putting my children first with their education first before we make plans for the wedding. The youngest two are my daughters and both will be going to University of Texas.

So you know were the money is going. I will have that wedding, and I will not let diabetes destroy that. No matter how scared you are to go and check your feet out, you need to go as soon as you see something wrong. If you don’t have a doctor go to the hospital right away.

Keep making some dreams come true. Sunshine always, Patti

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself again Patti. I learn much from you. In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities …