Feet Issue/Question

My odessy to becoming a T2 actually began a few years ago with a foot issue no physician or podiatrist has ever solved…out of nowhere I got a full blown god awful fugus infection…in the span of 6 months my feet actually peeled and my nails are still so bad I refuse to wear open shoes. They look like I am shedding my skin or something. It should have been a clue to someone but…anyway i now put medicated cream on them at night and sleep in sox, but they still are terrible and coinciding with finally a diagnosis one of my nails fell off! The health insurance would not pay for a Rx because no diagnostic tests were done…I guess I should have sent them pictures of my feet! I have tried all the OTC stuff and tea tree oil and another Naioli oil supposedly specific for fungus…I am at my wits end. Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions ? I do get some achy pains but those do respond to like BenGay…it is the skin thing I want resolved.Thanks!